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Google Raunch Tube

It's mostly obscene human tricks

January 9, 2007

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Google Raunch Tube

10:20 AM -- What's up with Google Video and YouTube? They appear be rapidly deteriorating into the video cesspool of the Internet.

The issue has come to the fore recently with the emergence of Brazil-gate, or the appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of a racy video involving an investment banker and his famous Brazilian model, Daniela Cicarelli, engaged in a raunchy romp on the beach.

Last week, Cicarelli sued to have the video removed. Initially this appeared to be successful, as Google complied in attempting to remove it, though the video has popped back on both YouTube and Google Video.

In the latest development, Brasil Telecom Participações SA (NYSE: BRP) announced today that it will block access to YouTube, to stop the public voyeurism.

Here's some more coverage of the story:

But this is only half the story. I can't imagine it's going to stop here: There's an infinite number of embarrassing videos coming down the pipeline. It's ugly in there -- and it seems to be getting worse. Three-quarters of the stuff on Google Video and YouTube now is raunchy "look at these half-naked people" variety -- and most of them are not as attractive as Brazilian models. The rest of it is Stupid Human Tricks. Pretty soon they are going to have to cordon the area off and declare it a Taste-Free Zone. Don't let your kids anywhere near Google Video.

If you're curious about the "quality" that Google Video has to offer -- just check out the Top 100 (warning: potentially offensive and just plain stupid material follows):Top 100

This is the dirty little secret of Internet content: Most of it really sucks, and lots of it is offensive. Bona fide content providers take note: Can you please figure out a way to get high-quality, wholesome content on the Internet in a hurry? And make it free -- please.

Walled Gardens are starting to look pretty attractive at this point.

— R. Scott Raynovich, Editor in Chief, Light Reading

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