WDM-PON Update

1:20 PM -- Considering the circumstances, you have to admire the constituent parts of Nortel Networks Ltd. for their persistent optimism. (See Nortel: We're Winning New Biz in APAC, Nortel Claims 40G Lead, and Richard Lowe, President of Carrier Networks, Nortel, for examples.)

Among those units swimming valiantly against the tide is LG-Ericsson Co. Ltd. , the joint venture (also up for sale) that, apart from pushing hard to keep its Korean business going, is the most prominent flag-bearer for next-generation fiber access technology WDM-PON. And this week, LG-Nortel announced a WDM-PON deal in Norway. (See LG-Nortel Wins Norway PON Deal and Nortel Offers Up Its LG-Nortel Stake.)

WDM-PON, which can deliver a dedicated wavelength to each end point (a single user, business, building -- you get the picture), is regarded by many as the broadband access technology of the future, and there are plenty of big names checking it out. (See FT Lauds WDM-PON's Potential, Ericsson Joins Cost-Cutting WDM-PON Team, Tellabs Lays Out WDM-PON Plan, and ADVA Unleashes WDM-PON.)

And LG-Nortel has been pushing ahead, winning a number of small engagements in Europe and North America since it acquired its way into the market. (See LG-Nortel Touts WDM-PON, Hancock Uses WDM-PON, Dutch Do WDM-PON, and Nortel JV Buys WDM-PON Specialist.)

Unfortunately for LG-Nortel, small deployments are set to be the norm for a few years yet, as the general consensus is that it will be anything between two and five years before the component prices and maturity of the technology reach a point where mass-market business might be a possibility. There's also the considerable marketing clout of the GPON vendors to consider: Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU), for example, is playing with WDM-PON in its labs but doesn't plan to bring its developments out into the open for years.

But from tiny acorns... LG-Nortel is gaining invaluable field experience with its multiple, small WDM-PON successes. Could that be enough to tempt a buyer to splash some cash on Nortel's majority (50 percent-plus-one-share) stake in the joint venture?

The prospect of a field trip to Norway, surely, is temptation enough...

— Ray Le Maistre, International News Editor, Light Reading

nakwna 12/5/2012 | 4:01:29 PM
re: WDM-PON Update

I don't think WDM-PON is better than G-PON or others in every place.
Some service would be better serviced with WDM-PON but others with G-PON.

Still many believe that the technology of WDM-PON has to be more matured and look at it with a doubt. But they seem not to know the reality.

There are a few of WDM-PON technologies for now. Injection-locking by which LG-Nortel's WDM-PON is working for 100Mbps per subscriber, and polymer Bragg Grating low-cost light by which Optiblue's WDM-PON is working for 1Gbps per branch, etc. These technologies are all matured enough.

In terms of technology, I think G-PON is same as WDM-PON. G-PON is working well in the field? G-PON is meeting all the specification or requirements service providers demand? As working in this field I know how both WDM-PON and G-PON are going in """real"""" field, not on the table of thought.

Another thing I like to say... is price. WDM-PON is expensive compared to other counter parts? How much expensive? I don't think WDM-PON is more costly than G-PON. That notion maybe is like a rumor.

I hope LG-Nortel's WDM-PON gets proper reputation.

Thank for your useful article!

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