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Atlantic Broadband Grabs Gigabit Torch

Beating other broadband providers to the punch in Southeast Florida, Atlantic Broadband has joined the ever-expanding Gigabit club, launching 1-Gig service in the greater Miami area.

Atlantic Broadband , the 13th-largest MSO in the US with more than 230,000 residential and business customers, announced Wednesday that it has already rolled out 1Gbit/s service in Indian Creek Village and is now "evaluating expansion opportunities." The company, which serves the Miami Beach area, did not say when or where it would introduce the service next.

Unlike its broadband rivals and neighbors in Southeast Florida, which include Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) and AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), Atlantic Broadband said it does not need to build new fiber-rich networks to deliver 1Gbit/s service. Without exactly explaining how, the company said it has "the scalability and power" to offer the fast broadband service today.

In addition, Atlantic Broadband said that, unlike other broadband providers, it is not imposing any data usage caps on subscribers. So, it said, "customers can take full advantage of the tremendous speeds without any usage limitations."

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Atlantic Broadband is now offering the 1Gbit/s service to Indian Creek Village residents separately or as part of a broadband-TV package that includes more than 350 TV channels, TiVo's multi-room DVR service, access to Netflix content and unlimited local and domestic calling for up to four phone lines. Along with several other mid-sized US and Canadian cable operators, the MSO has been offering access to the Netflix online service as a video app on its cable set-top boxes since the spring. (See Netflix Streams Onto US Cable.)

With the 1Gbit/s launch in Florida, Atlantic Broadband becomes the latest broadband provider in North America and Europe to join the constantly widening Gigabit club. In two of the most recent moves on both sides of the Atlantic, Suddenlink Communications announced plans last month to launch 1Gbit/s service throughout its US regions over the next three years while Virgin Media Inc. (Nasdaq: VMED) began rolling out 1Gbit/s service in the UK earlier this week. (See Suddenlink Joins Gigabit Club.)

Now owned by Canadian MSO Cogeco Communications (Toronto: CCA), Atlantic Broadband also operates in three other regions of the US -- Western Pennsylvania, Maryland/Delaware and Aiken, S.C. So presumably those areas may shortly see Gigabit service as well.

— Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading

GigaMan 9/19/2014 | 9:00:05 AM
Re: One wonders... Indian Creek is 40 SFH that are worth in the 10s of millions of dollars. These include Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, whose $28 Million home made it on the Top 10 List of Most Expensive Homes in the South in 2006 Forbes Magazine; pro golfer Raymond Floyd, former football coach of the Miami Dolphins Don Shula, television host Don Francisco, billionaire investor Carl Icahn, real estate billionaire Peter Breton, Victoria Secret's model Adriana Lima, co-founder of Calvin Klein Barry Schwartz, Sheik Mohammed al-Fassi of Saudi Arabia, billionaire developer Donny Soffer, steel executive Leroy Schecter, wireless executive Rajendra Singh, radio magnate Raul Alarcon, former cable company CEO Ken Bagwell, US Senator George Smathers, coal and oil executive Christopher F. Viegas, former football team owner and billionaire art collector Norman Braman, just to name a few who make up this affluent community. (Of course they got Gigabit, they also have planes!)

So Indian Creek got Gigabit.....what about Atlantic's regular customers, I want to see them offer Gigabit at Winston Towers!!!

Then you have Comcast that has Extreme 505 with billboards all over Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. The trouble is that when you ask for service they say it's only available in Dade County and Jacksonville and if you live there when you call it's not available in your home. So all these companies just want to create a buzz and get a free press release.

Then you have Hotwire Communications that on its Fision Platform has been offering Gigabit for some time, true Gigabit throughout the Tri-County Area at a very affordable price I might add. Hotwire customers pay a very reasonable rate with a very reasonable installation fee and no contract.

The Atlantic Rates for Gigabit aren't even posted because they are not available at "Real" Communities, yet they get national press for this. OY!! for 110Mbps they charge twice what Hotwire charges for gigabit, why because they don't actually want you to buy it!!!

Then Comcast is out there with 1/2 a gig, they want a 3 year Contract, $399.95 per month, $249.00 for installation, $249.00 for activation and $19.95 for a modem rental fee. Now you tell me is that "Available".  Again, they advertise it but they don't want to sell it. But they will take the free press every day.

I'm sorry but these press releases are not reality.
KBode 9/18/2014 | 1:09:21 PM
Re: One wonders... I think there's more than a few companies hoping that if we keep waiting long enough, wireless will eventually become the fixed-line alternative it isn't yet today.
alanbreznick 9/18/2014 | 10:12:04 AM
Re: One wonders... Good point. I think we will go back to focusing on more even BB coverag once the 1 Gig frenzy fads over the next year or so. We'll see whether providersextend sefvice beyond these rich golf communities soon enough.
KBode 9/18/2014 | 9:29:46 AM
One wonders... One wonders in this era of "fiber to the press release" where only high-end developments get the latest and greatest (because investors lack the patience to wait for returns anywhere else) just what kind of new digital divide we're building in regards to serious upgrades. It's great that this wealthy Florida coastal golf course community is getting 1 Gbps, but at what point to we stop being so enamoured with 1 Gbps speeds and re-focus our attentions on even coverage, competition and price?
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