Clearfield CMO on fiber funding and Nestor Cables acquisition

NASHVILLE – Fiber Connect 2022 – Kevin Morgan, chief marketing officer at Clearfield, joined the Light Reading team to discuss the company's recent acquisition of Nestor Cables and what fiber-friendly federal funding rules mean for Clearfield, its clients and the future of connectivity in the US.

Regarding Clearfield's $23 million acquisition of Nestor Cables, Morgan said the company has been a longtime Clearfield supplier for its FieldShield product line and Clearfield saw this acquisition as an "opportunity to vertically integrate."

And on federal funding rules for the Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) and Middle Mile grant programs, Morgan said the fiber focus hits Clearfield's "sweet spot."

"The surprise and I think the a-ha moment for the industry was that the rules favored fiber," said Morgan of the NTIA's notice of funding opportunity for the BEAD and Middle Mile grant programs, worth roughly $43.5 billion. "It's an opportunity for taxpayers to get a real return on their investment."

Here are just a few topics discussed in this video:

  • Acquiring Nestor Cables and the importance of vertical integration (01:00)
  • Clearfield's view of federal funding opportunities (02:15)
  • How Clearfield's products are helping expedite fiber deployments (05:00)
  • The role of open access networks (06:50)

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—Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading; and Nicole Ferraro, Site Editor, Broadband World News

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