Bosnian Courtship Rituals

3:00 PM -- South Africa's IOL Website brings us a touching tale of love, Balkan-style. We reproduce it in full:

    Sarajevo - A Bosnian court was gentle on a man found guilty for a series of bomb attacks earlier this year after he said he was motivated by love.

    "I think that the judge has taken into account Mladen Kragulj's confession, regret and motive in deciding the sentence," defence lawyer Dragan Barbaric said.

    Kragulj, 54, was sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined some ?2 000 (about R20 000) for planting five explosive devices in the southern town of Mostar in January.

    The blasts, which occurred in the vicinity of the Majestic restaurant over a four-day period, caused damage to surrounding buildings and vehicles. Nobody was hurt.

    Upon being arrested, Kragulj said he planted the bombs to prove to his long-time girlfriend that Mostar was dangerous and that she should return to their hometown of Prijedor, in the country's north-west.

    Kragulj's girlfriend, whose identity was not revealed, had moved to Mostar after getting a waitressing job in the Majestic. She has since accepted his request to get married, local newspapers reported.
Wow. Waitressing must really suck.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:11:10 PM
re: Bosnian Courtship Rituals It's funny what people want in a spouse. I looked for intelligence and a sense of humor while my sister wanted a good Christian. Somehow bomb-planting didn't make either of our lists.

If this guy is blowing things up things to declare his love for her now, just imagine what he'll do if she ever tries to leave him.
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