Boredom Kills

11:50 AM -- Here's a story that illustrates its own point, courtesy of healthzone.ca:

    It is possible to be bored to death, new research has found.

    In fact, two public health professors at the University College London discovered people who are very bored had a 37 per cent higher chance of dying than people who figured out how to keep their minds engaged.
OK. First, I’ve got to ask: Who writes this crap? No one has a “37 per cent higher chance of dying” than anyone else. We're all at just about 100% there. Last I checked. I’m counting on it.

This exhaustive bit of research found that those holding down "menial jobs" tend to get bored and, therefore, die.

And how did this startling chain-of-circumstance come to light?

    Setting off “in a rare moment of idleness one day,” the researchers crunched numbers from a 1985-88 questionnaire...
So. They were bored. And thought they'd share the mood.

You're welcome.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

fiercesome 12/5/2012 | 4:41:01 PM
re: Boredom Kills "Only the boring get bored."
--Charles Bukowski
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