Leading Lights 2018: The Winners

Ray Le Maistre

AUSTIN, Texas -- The 2018 Leading Lights Awards winners have been announced at a gala dinner attended by hundreds of communications industry executives at Brazos Hall here in Austin. The awards were handed out on the eve of the Big Communications Event (BCE) and 5G North America, which are being held at the Austin Convention Center May 15-16.

The winners were chosen following the judging of hundreds of submissions in 24 categories, which this year included recognition for those companies making progress in automation, SD-WAN and edge computing as well as NFV, 5G, security and all of the traditional Leading Lights categories. The finalists were announced in April. (See Leading Lights 2018: The Finalists.)

The latest additions to Light Reading's Hall of Fame and this year's Women in Comms (WiC) awards were also announced at the dinner. You can find out who was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year by watching our video, Light Reading Hall of Fame 2018 . To see who won this year's WiC awards, see Announcing...WiC's 2018 Leading Lights Winners.

There are a lot of winners to announce in this year's Leading Lights: Check out the first tranche of winners below and the remainder on the following page.

Most Innovative Cable/Video Product or Service
Awarded to the company that has developed a potentially market-leading product, application or strategy that has enabled the launch, deployment or creation of innovative, profitable cable, video, TV or multimedia services during the past year.

Winner: Nokia
Nokia wins the award for its virtualized Distributed Access Architecture (vDAA), which has been winning business and attracting attention for its broad range of next-generation and practical capabilities.

Most Innovative Mobile/Wireless Product or Service
Awarded to the company that has developed a potentially market-leading product, application or strategy that has enabled the launch, deployment or creation of innovative, profitable mobile/wireless services (4G/WiFi/unlicensed) during the past year.

Winner: CommScope
CommScope wins for its Era product, which brings digitized Centralized-RAN (C-RAN) concepts to the distributed antenna (DAS) market.

Most Innovative Telecoms Product (Optical/IP/Carrier Ethernet/FTTH)
Awarded to the company that has developed a potentially market-leading optical/IP/Ethernet/FTTH product that, through engineering and technical excellence, enables the deployment of profitable next-generation telecom services.

Winner: Sedona Systems
Sedona Systems wins for the latest iteration of its multi-domain, multi-layer, multi-vendor NetFusion network controller.

Most Innovative Gigabit/FTTx Service
Awarded to the communications service provider that has launched the most innovative fiber-to-the-home/building/cabinet service during the past year.

Winner: CityFibre FTTP partnership with Vodafone
UK wholesale broadband altnet CityFibre wins for its major rollout project with Vodafone that will see CityFibre deploy an open access, GPON-based network in 12 UK cities covering a minimum of 1 million homes.

Most Innovative Business Cloud Service
Awarded to the communications service provider that has launched the most innovative business cloud service for enterprise and/or small or midsized corporate users during the past year.

Winner: Comcast Business
Comcast Business wins for the workflow integration enhancements it has made to its Business VoiceEdge service.

Most Innovative SD-WAN Service
Awarded to the company that has launched the most innovative SD-WAN service for enterprise and/or small or midsized corporate users during the past year.

Winner: Comcast Business
Comcast Business wins for its SD-WAN powered by ActiveCore, its software-defined platform that includes orchestration capabilities and support for multiple virtual network functions (VNFs).

Most Innovative SD-WAN Product Strategy (Vendor)
Awarded to the technology vendor that has devised the most innovative software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) product/platform strategy during the past year.

Winner: VeloCloud by VMware
VeloCloud by VMware wins for its Outcome-Driven Networking strategy to advance automation in the SD-WAN space.

Most Innovative NFV Deployment Strategy (Network/Data Center Operator)
Awarded to the network or data center operator that has devised the most innovative network functions virtualization (NFV) strategy during the past year.

Winner: Comcast Business
Comcast Business wins for its ActiveCore platform that is designed to support multiple virtual network functions (VNFs).

Most Innovative NFV Product Strategy (Vendor)
Awarded to the technology vendor that has devised the most innovative network functions virtualization (NFV) product strategy during the past year.

Winner: EnterpriseWeb
EnterpriseWeb wins for its CloudNFV platform that enables VNF onboarding and lifecycle management without the need for additional hard code or VNF modification.

Most Innovative Automation Strategy (Network/Data Center Operator)
Awarded to the network or data center operator that has devised the most innovative automation strategy during the past year.

Winner: Reliance Jio Infocomm
Indian operator Reliance Jio Infocomm wins for the work carried out by its "Foresight" team on automating software management processes and improving the speed and accuracy of supporting systems. Special mention should be made also for the work RJio has done with Cisco Systems on the automated processes introduced to manage its IP network.

Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy
Awarded to the network operator or technology developer that has devised the most innovative edge computing strategy during the past year.

Winner: Vapor IO
Vapor IO wins for its Project Volutus, which aims to embed thousands of tiny data centers into existing wireless infrastructure.

Most Innovative Security Strategy
Awarded to the communications service provider, systems integrator or technology developer that has unveiled the most innovative security strategy during the past year.

Winner: Equinix
Equinix wins the award for SmartKey, its global key management and encryption Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that protects data across any cloud.

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12/2/2019 | 2:46:11 AM
The Residential property As Well As Application Of Nanoparticles
The Residential property As Well As Application Of Nanoparticles
Nanopowder is additionally called nanoparticles, which usually refers to ultra-fine particles with a size between 1-100nm. Some individuals call it ultrafine particles. Its dimension is much more substantial than atom clusters and also smaller sized than normal particles. The form of the nanoparticles is spherical, plate, rod, horn, sponge, etc. The constituents of nanoparticles can be metals, oxides, or other various compounds.

Characteristic of nanoparticles:
1. Thermal attributes
The melting point and sintering temperature of nanoparticles are much lower than that of traditional powders. This results from surface as well as user interface results.

As an example, the melting point of mass Pb is 600k, while 288k minimizes the melting point of 20nm spherical Pb particles, nano-Ag particles start to melt below 373k, as well as the melting point of traditional Ag is a lot higher than 1173k. Furthermore, the nano-TiO2 is obviously compressed when heated at 773k, as well as the very same densification of large-grain examples needs to be warmed up to 873k to accomplish this, which is significantly related to the sintering temperature.
2. Optical characteristics nanoparticles
Broadband strong absorption
When the size is lowered to nanoparticles, it comes to be almost black, and the reflectance to noticeable light declines greatly.
Some nanoparticles are like silicon nitride, SiC and also alumina have a broadband energised absorption range for infrared. As well as ZnO, ferric oxide, and titanium dioxide nanoparticles have a broadband energetic absorption spectrum for ultraviolet light.

Blue and red shift
Compared with bulk materials, nanoparticles generally have a blue shift in the absorption band, that is, the absorption band transfers to the short wavelength direction; as well as under specific problems, the absorption band shifts to the long-wave direction when the particle dimension is lowered to the nanometer degree, that is, red shift.

3. Chemical properties
Due to the surface impact, it can be utilized as a stimulant to enhance the response task.

Application of nanoparticles:
1. Nano coating
Nano-coating uses surface area innovation to use component or every one of the nano-powder-containing product to the substratum. Because of the unique surface area homes of the nano powder, brand-new attributes are provided to the material.
Nanoparticles can be made into surface area finishings to transform the optical residential properties of the material surface area, such as optical nonlinearity, light absorption, light representation, and light transmission. Nanoparticles have great applications in the light bulb industry. For high-pressure sodium lamps, 69% of the power of the iodine arc lamp is converted into infrared rays, as well as just a percentage of light power shows up light. The heating of the light will additionally minimize the life of the light.

The nano-infrared layer has also been examined by many individuals. After the nano-powder of silicon dioxide, iron oxide and light weight aluminum oxide is worsened, it can highly soak up infrared rays, as well as can be made right into army garments. It can avoid the detection of enemy warm bands and reduce weight by 30%.

2. Application in environmental protection
The shortage of mineral power as well as environmental pollution have actually troubled people. The application of nanomaterials in environmental protection, environmental administration, as well as air pollution decrease has shown a successful scene. Nanoparticles can be anti-bacterial, anticorrosive, deodorant, detoxify the air, optimize the setting, and also promote destruction. Additionally, they can also absorb heavy metal ions to detoxify water, adsorb germs, infections, and hazardous ions.

3. Photocatalysis of nanoparticles
Photocatalysis can be utilized for environmental protection, destruction of chemicals, raw material, etc. Because of the tiny fragment diameter, large particular surface, and high photocatalytic efficiency; besides, most of the electrons and holes generated by the nanoparticles will certainly not recombine when they get to the surface, so the holes are reduced, and also the chemical reaction task is high.

The iron nanoparticles, nickel nanoparticles, copper nanoparticles, titanium nanoparticles, etc., produced by Luoyang Tongrun Nano Modern Technology Co., Ltd has the outstanding efficiency as a result of its high purity, consistent particle dimension distribution, easy to spread use. These nanoparticles can be widely used in lubricating, ceramics, wear-resistant, photoelectric, and so on industries.
Cedar Rapids Towing
Cedar Rapids Towing
12/1/2019 | 4:39:13 PM
Cedar Rapids Towing is looking forward to participating in this group. Congrats to the winners!!
11/28/2019 | 2:13:02 AM
What is oxygen concentrators?
What is oxygen concentrators?

An oxygen concentrator is a kind of equipment which can provide oxygen treatment to patients at a concentration far higher than the ambient air concentration, and can keep the oxygen level in patients' blood stable. This is a medical device that compresses the air around the patient and delivers it to him/her in a purer form. Oxygen supply is continuous. Unlike the oxygen tank, as long as a battery power supply or compressor is plugged into a power socket, it will never run out. We have a variety of top oxygen concentrators from experienced manufacturers. These devices, also known as concentrators or concentrators, provide a continuous flow of oxygen-enriched air and provide cost-effective, most preferred methods of treatment at home or in transit. movable oxygen concentrator

How does oxygen concentrator work?
The oxygen concentrator draws in conventional air from the room and compresses it with a filter and sieve bed to filter out other gases present, including nitrogen. Concentrated medical grade oxygen is delivered to the user through a mask or nasal intubation. The O2 machine delivers oxygen in the form of continuous flow or pulse dose. At each inhalation, the pulse dose oxygen generator will release oxygen in a dose or burst manner. It is based on the rate of breathing and the amount of oxygen taken. This ensures that the right amount of oxygen is delivered according to different periods of activity (sleep, rest or daily work). If continuous delivery is required, a constant flow oxygen concentrator must be used. For more complex and practical solutions, the pulse dose is more effective. The Invacare platinum ten fixed oxygen plant provides a continuous flow of up to 10 liters per minute. The DeVilbiss Igo portable oxygen concentrator is versatile in providing oxygen in a constant stream at a rate of 3 liters per minute and from a 1-6 pulse dose mode pulse stream. portable oxygen concentrator

The choice of an oxygen concentrator also depends on your lifestyle - active or at home. Other considerations include weight, size, power options, and battery life. If you are looking for a quieter oxygen generator, the volume will be more significant. Small scale, high noise.

Why portable oxygen generator?
1. Battery pack increases the portability of the O2 machine
The portable oxygen generator uses battery packs to keep oxygen users active. It is small in size and light in weight so that it can be carried with you. Since the portable O2 machine runs on batteries, a fully charged battery will make the apparatus operable outdoors, unlike a fixed device.

2. Multiple power options make the oxygen concentrator easy to use
In addition to portability, another benefit of this type is that it can also operate at AC and DC currents. If it can be plugged into a power outlet at home and in the car, it can be charged through a DC power cord, thus preserving the battery for outdoor use. A variety of power options for AC and DC currents and rechargeable batteries make it a suitable machine for use at home and outdoors.
3. Various usage options of POC
The portable products include a pulse dose oxygen generator with a smaller size. Some portable oxygen generators provide a continuous flow of oxygen, but they are larger and have built-in wheels. The portable variety has more options in use - Portable is suitable for travel, portable concentrators with continuous flow, compact with high flow settings and oxygen machines less than 5 lbs.

yuwell's portable / Travel oxygen generator system, due to its small size, can be carried on wheels or backpacks, airplanes, ships, cars, or trains. It is energy-efficient, easy to use and low power consumption. The Wellcome everflo oxygen concentrate has a very high flow setting. The oxygen concentration (5lpm) was 93% (+ / - 3%). The Imogen, a G3 oxygen concentration, is portable and less than 5 pounds. It provides the same quality and efficiency on the go and at home.
Why the fixed oxygen generator?
The fixed oxygen concentrator system provides continuous oxygen flow. It can be used 24x7 because to start running, plug it into a wall outlet. The flow of oxygen (liter per minute) is higher than the flow of portable species, which can be moved around the house.

Popular oxygen machine
In your health products center, we sell portable and fixed oxygen concentrators, including Respironics, Invacare, DeVilbiss, precision medical, Imogen, Nidek medical, etc. You can choose all kinds of oxygen machines we have. DeVilbiss's ultra-quiet five-liter oxygen generator operates very quietly, increasing the sound quality by 15%. Precision's natural pulse oxygen concentrator balances fixed and mobile, and provides continuous and pulsed flow in the same unit weighing less than 11.5 pounds. Respironics's overflow Q ultra-quiet oxygen concentrator is cost-effective. It produces less heat and requires less power.
11/13/2019 | 2:06:19 AM
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11/7/2019 | 9:30:43 PM
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10/18/2019 | 1:45:10 PM
So many promising techs
Looking at this list today - Oct 2019 - it's so impressive to see, how many of these new products and technologies that already shows great promise for everyday / applications. Thumps up to all winners for pushing the boundaries! 

- Maiken, owner Sengeguruen.dk
10/17/2019 | 10:10:56 PM
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all, all of me
And you give me all, all of you

 io game
10/8/2019 | 1:59:21 AM
I am just impressed because all are winners in the field of Innovation.  Elysium Health
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