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Artesyn Builds for Sun

LAS VEGAS -- Artesyn Communication Products, a subsidiary of Artesyn Technologies (NASDAQ:ATSN) , today announced support for Sun Microsystems' new AdvancedTCA-based Netra family of servers. Artesyn is currently working with Sun to integrate and certify its KatanaQp ATCA blade with this new family. Artesyn is also working with Sun to integrate and certify a new ATCA blade that Artesyn will announce later this month.

"Artesyn has been a pioneer in the development and early deployment of open architecture standards like ATCA, AdvancedMC, and MicroTCA," said Todd Wynia, vice president of product management at Artesyn Technologies. "We are pleased to support Sun's launch of its new Netra ATCA family, and look forward to working with Sun to integrate our ATCA-based control, signaling, protocol/packet, and media processing blades within the Netra framework."

The KatanaQp is a high-performance ATCA blade for telecom infrastructure applications like WAN access, SS7/SIGTRAN signaling, media gateways, traffic processing, wireless base stations and softswitches. The KatanaQp features a pair of PowerPC(R) MPC7448 processors, four PTMC expansion sites, redundant IPMI-based system management interfaces, and a PICMG 3.1-compliant ATCA high- speed fabric interface with four redundant (eight total) Gigabit Ethernet channels.

"With the launch of the Netra ATCA server family, Sun brings proven carrier-grade reliability, performance and choice to the most demanding applications in communications infrastructure. Sun is pleased to include Artesyn as one of its ATCA eco-system partners," said Mark Butler, director of marketing for Netra and Networking products in Sun's Scalable Systems Group. "Sun's ATCA partner eco-system offers a wide choice of best-of-breed partner technologies in multiple vertical solutions."

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