Apple Isn't Talking Settlement Over Qualcomm Case – Report

Apple reportedly isn't talking to iPhone chip Qualcomm supplier about a settlement ahead of a trial next year.

"There is absolutely no meaningful discussion taking place between us and Qualcomm, and there is no settlement in sight," Reuters quoted a source familiar with the matter as saying. "We are gearing up for trial."

Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) has been the modem chipset supplier for the iPhone since the smartphone was launched in 2007. Early last year, however, Apple sued Qualcomm over a licensing fee dispute. Qualcomm struck back saying that Apple owes it $7 billion in unpaid royalties. (See Apple Trying to Drop Qualcomm – Report and New iPhones Have Intel Inside.)

The 2018 iPhones are equipped with rival Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) modems instead.

The companies have not responded to questions on the issues yet.

The topic, however, is likely to come up on Qualcomm's earnings call late Wednesday afternoon.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

bosco_pcs 11/8/2018 | 4:05:47 PM
Is QCOM CEO's job secure? The Jacobses tried to lock in the current CEO's when there was rumor someone else might be interested in hiring him away. Since then, a succession of miscalculations starting from the China mess. The guy doesn't seem to learn he might not be able to bulldoze the heavy weights. Some people falsely blame Apple but if memory serves it is QCOM withholding the $1B *rebate* that started it all. You have to wonder what was the guy thinking, especially after China. As I write, it dawns on me this: do you think that is his way of getting out of the job? Weird thought, but hard to imagine a CEO at that level doesn't understand leverages
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