Appian Employs Aristasoft Solution

BOXBOROUGH, Mass., and SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Appian Communications(TM), the first to deliver an optical edge solution opening today's optical networks to high growth packet services, and AristaSoft Corporation, a provider of integrated business process services for the high-tech equipment industry, announced today that Appian has integrated its business processes in operations, finance and collaborative manufacturing commerce using AristaSoft's solution.

"By leveraging AristaSoft's expertise and industry knowledge, Appian rapidly deployed a solution that meets our key business objectives," said Gregg Savage, co-founder and CFO of Appian. "The AristaSoft solution enables us to maximize our operational efficiency while we grow our company."

_____ 12/4/2012 | 8:33:14 PM
re: Appian Employs Aristasoft Solution I guess this is about all you can write about when you have NO revenue and NO customers. Oh, wait, what about Everest Broadband? I thought they have been beta testing the AOVB (Appian Optical Vapor Box)for over a year now...

What's next, a press release saying they have a new flavor of coffee in the cafe, new energy saving lightbulbs in the lab???

I keep reading great things about these guys but the news is getting old and stale- cash is king- show me the money!
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