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SlideshowA Service Called 'Omni Go' Quietly Replaces FlixonTV

Tuning Out FlixonTV
Visitors to the FlixonTV site are now directed to a service called 'Omni Go,' referenced as a trademark of Omniverse One World Television.
Visitors to the FlixonTV site are now directed to a service called "Omni Go," referenced as a trademark of Omniverse One World Television.

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Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner,
User Rank: Light Sabre
4/12/2019 | 7:41:26 PM
Why the rebrand?
One thought is it's to make it clearer on who owns those customers. As Jason DeMeo said to me earlier, the joint venture (omniverse/hovsat) own the subs while these other partners are more akin to prepaid service resellers that work on a commission-based model.  However, it seems as though Flixon plays a bigger role here. JB 
Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner,
User Rank: Light Sabre
4/15/2019 | 3:26:18 PM
Flixon's 'white label' OTT/'master distributor' angle
I did come across some info posted by Flixon that would fit the notion that there's a master reseller deal involved.

In some materials, they tout a "white label OTT" solution that, they claim, can be deployed in 2-4 weeks with a pay-as-you-grow capex model – which seems to also fit in with the commission-based model that Omniverse has discussed.

From the materials: "You can now use your identity to our channel packages as you market your content and could customize our product with your brand logo, and identity-enabling customers to associate the service with you."

Elsewhere, Flixon describes itself as a "master distributor for a large selection of prime U.S. channels available through the United States through B2B distribution and direct to consumer," but doesn't mention there any relationship with Omniverse/Hovsat. JB
Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner,
User Rank: Light Sabre
4/17/2019 | 10:06:36 AM
Re: Flixon's 'white label' OTT/'master distributor' angle
and a Flixon 'media pack' slide deck offers a bit more detail about its arrangement with Omniverse. It says Flixon is a "partnership with Omniverse One World Television" that "allows distribution partners to offer a service to customers who want to watch what they want, wherever they are on the schedule they choose."

Flixon, it continues, "handles the management of various direct response and distribution partnerships," adding that "Flixon technology powers large parts of the Omniverse solution."

Examples of what's included in the distribution partnership: branded in-app customization, co-branded product between your brand and Omniverse, 24/7 live chat support for subs, and the Free Omni Go device option. JB
Jeff Baumgartner
Jeff Baumgartner,
User Rank: Light Sabre
5/9/2019 | 11:17:05 AM
Flixon-Omniverse Deal Has Ended
Flixon announced this week that the partnership it entered into with Omniverse in 2017 has come to an end, confirming that the Flixon TV service is no longer available under the Flixon brand and all of those customers are now serviced by OmniGo.tv, a service directly operated by Omniverse One World Television.

Flixon said it's now "re-inventing" its offering to focus on international programming and that a new web site will be launched in the coming weeks.

You can read the full announcement here.  JB 

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