At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei held the All Bands to 5G Summit, where leading operators, industry opinion leaders, and ecosystem partners from around the world exchanged insights on 5G industry upgrade and network construction and discussed how to stimulate new growth in the mobile industry by building premium 5G networks and accelerating their evolution towards 5.5G.

March 27, 2024

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Dang Wenshuan, Huawei's Chief Strategy Architect, delivered an opening speech at the summit and remarked that, "There are six trends of change in the global MBB industry: MBB networks are being monetized in a multi-pronged manner, 5G new services adoption is booming, new device innovation is proliferating, fast development of FTTH and FTTR promotes F5.5G, large models accelerate adoption of AI in telco, and carrier-own public cloud business is reemerging. These changes will bring network capability upgrade for 10 times uplink rate, 10 dB coverage and 10 times spectrum efficiency, accelerating all bands to 5G and helping operators to build all-scenario leading 5.5G networks."

At the summit, GSMA Intelligence (GSMAi), the well-known network evaluation company Ookla, and the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) delivered keynote speeches on the latest hot trends in the mobile industry.

In his speech on "Industry Trends 2024: 5G and Green Energy Efficiency", Emanuel Kolta, Lead Analyst of Network Innovation at GSMAi, emphasized that "Sustained cost pressures and commitments to net zero have made energy efficiency a strategic priority for mobile network operators. Simplifying network architecture in the RAN, migrating users to 5G and the use of highly integrated hardware (ultra-wideband) are the most effective ways to improve network energy efficiency."

Brennen Smith, VP of Technology at Ookla, said: "Latency is one key indicator that affects 5G user experience. A two-second delay in loading a YouTube video increases user stress by three percentage points, so it's critical to focus optimization efforts on user benefits. Coverage expanding, as well as refarming and allocation of sub-1 GHz spectrum, delivers the foundation of an excellent quality of experience and helps more users to spend more time on 5G."

Joe Barrett, President of GSA, delivered a speech titled "Diversified Services Drive Device Capability Upgrade", pointing out that "In terms of the 5.5G industry, the terminal ecosystem shows a new trend: the terminal seems to be ahead of the network. More chips and smartphones support TM9, 5G CA terminals support more FDD+TDD combinations, and RedCap terminals will boost in 2024."

At the summit, world-leading operators also shared their success stories on 5G network planning and construction.

Jorge Luis Herrera Palomino, RAN Access Network Engineering Manager of Entel Peru, remarked in a keynote speech titled "Entel Peru On the Way to Lead 5G RAN Network" that: "Network experience and efficiency are the key concerns of Entel Peru during 5G evolution. With the help of Huawei's key 5G technologies such as 4T4R, 8T8R and Massive MIMO, we've significantly improved network performance and user experience. The wideband RRU saves energy by about 30%, saves space by 40%, and improves spectrum efficiency by 3 times, benefiting both performance and energy saving."

Ömer Dedeoglu, Investment and Planning Manager of Türk Telekom, delivered a keynote speech titled "All Network 5G Ready to Embrace 5G", mentioning that "Leading 4G experience and 5G ready network are a must. With ultra-wideband and multi-antenna technologies, we are in progress of network upgrade for 5G, together with performance improvement, site simplification and network green."

In his keynote speech titled "Smart Axiata, Leading with the GigaGreen Network, Enabling a Greener and More Digital Cambodia", Muhammad Adeel Israr, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Smart Axiata, said: "Addressing to the challenges of 4G traffic growth and 5G evolution, Smart is the 1st to deploy FDD Tri-Mid-Band 8T8R solution, delivering our promise to a greener, faster and more competitive network for Cambodian consumers."

Remarking on "FDD NR Evolution to Unleash Network Potential", Carlos Daniel Bardon, Network and Infrastructure VP of Argentina Telecom, noted that "We leveraged the FDD+TDD spectrum coordination to fully use the spectrum advantages of each frequency band and continue with our leadership in all scenarios. FDD low-band 4T4R provides 4G/5G wide and deep coverage, and mid-band M-MIMO/8T8R is the key point for experienced-coverage and ultimate capacity."


To embrace 5.5G, Huawei launched a full series of FDD GigaGreen Radio solutions, which are ideal choices for network construction. These solutions use industry-leading Gigaband beamforming and "0 Bit 0 Watt" technologies to help operators build networks featuring the highest performance, efficiency, and energy efficiency. The tri-band FDD Massive MIMO solution is the narrowest, smallest, and lightest of its kind in the industry. It helps operators improve capacity by 10 times, coverage by 10 dB, and user experience by 10 times, thus enabling simplified deployment and superb performance for 5.5G. In addition, Huawei's unique tri-band FDD 8T8R module outperforms 4T4R modules by delivering 3-fold higher spectrum efficiency, 7 dB better coverage, and a 30% reduction in energy consumption. FDD GigaGreen Radio will efficiently promote all-band evolution to 5G and bring 5.5G to all scenarios. This will allow operators to provide multi-dimensional experiences, such as large uplink, low latency, and deep and wide coverage, which are essential for sustaining service growth and building simplified, green networks that provide ubiquitous coverage and premium experience.

The All Bands to 5G Summit is a key platform for industry leaders to share insights into network construction strategies and innovation directions in the constantly evolving 5G and 5.5G fields. They discussed how to use cutting-edge 5G and 5.5G technologies to build high-performance networks and how to fully unleash the value of 5G networks to enable innovative services such as live streaming, New Calling, new 5G-IoT, and cloud gaming. These discussions revealed the infinite possibilities brought by 5G and 5.5G, such as broader market space, new growth, and more digital dividends.

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