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Elisa highlights trio of real-world 5G use cases

There is little doubt that 5G is happening, with operators moving beyond trials and into commercial rollouts in every corner of the globe. It's even been suggested that 5G, for a new mobile technology, is doing surprisingly well.

Nevertheless, a frequent question is: What can 5G do that 4G networks can't do already? What are the use cases that only this new mobile generation, with its high speeds and extremely low latency, can support? We've already heard plenty about faster mobile broadband connections, and the importance of creating use cases to meet the needs of specific vertical industries.

Finland-based operator Elisa has now waded in by suggesting three 5G use cases that it says are "unprecedented" – although claiming an industry first in telecom is always a somewhat risky approach. At the same time, Elisa has some strong frontrunner credentials with 5G, as it did launch the world's first commercial 5G network back in 2018 (even if only with a with a grand total of two subscribers.)

The Elisa 5G Showroom in Helsinki has on display a total of nine 5G solutions and services, "of which three were launched for the first time ever in the world," the operator said. These include: a tractor that can be controlled remotely with 5G and a 360-degree camera, developed by Elisa and agricultural machinery specialist Valtra; a mobile 5G app to review 3D models in real time, developed together with Aalto University; and 360-degree virtual reality live streaming with 8K resolution for use in rescue operations.

Elisa is also clearly placing an emphasis here on working with partners to develop new products and services. It'll be interesting to see what other use cases will emerge in the coming months as operators and partners seek to make full use of what 5G can offer.

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— Anne Morris, Contributing Editor, Light Reading

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