Calix announces the next EDGE system

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Calix, Inc. announced the next enhancement to the Revenue EDGE solution with the introduction of the GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u4m. The u4 will operate as the subscriber’s primary gateway, with the flexibility to operate as a mesh satellite for another BLAST system as part of an end-to-end Intelligent Mesh solution. The u4m will operate exclusively as a Wi-Fi 6 mesh satellite. These new EDGE Systems will address communications service providers’ (CSPs) desire to remain front and center with subscribers by providing consumer cool design, cutting edge technology (including Wi-Fi 6), and carrier class reliability.

Previously, CSPs had to rely on consumer Wi-Fi products to offer the latest technology that could be displayed proudly in the family room, but offering those products meant CSPs were ceding the home to a consumer brand. This concession left CSPs without the tools or insights they need to deliver an unparalleled Wi-Fi experience.

This newest BLAST systems completely shift the paradigm by delivering:

• Consumer Cool Design: The BLAST u4 and u4m feature a sleek tabletop design that will stand up well against any consumer Wi-Fi competitor and put the CSP’s brand front and center in the home.

• Practical Mesh for Everyday Living: The BLAST u4 features a longer power cord, which allows for optimal placement in a room, unlike typical mesh units that are limited to the heights of power outlets, hampering Wi-Fi performance by being placed too low to the ground.

• Carrier Class Ultimate Experiences: Integrating seamlessly into the unifying EXOS platform, CSPs will be able to launch the new system in weeks as the support, marketing, field and network operations teams will use the same operating procedures and insights to delight their subscribers.

• Two LAN Ports: The BLAST u4 also includes a second LAN port, which is critical for subscribers with devices that still require Ethernet connectivity and for CSPs offering IPTV services with hard-wired set top boxes.

• More Possibilities for Ultimate Experiences: The sleek form factor will allow service providers to cost effectively deliver Wi-Fi 6 to apartments in price sensitive markets, such as those still served with DSL technology, and will extend the footprint of the EDGE Systems with mounting options that are suitable for most small businesses.

Delivered on the platform that puts the CSP first, the Revenue EDGE also enables customers to put their own brands first, not requiring “Powered by” messaging. Calix also ensures that the CSP retains ownership of all data, without exception.

Calix Inc. (NYSE: CALX)

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