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CEO Chat With AT&T's John Donovan

John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer and Group President of AT&T Technology and Operations, talks to Light Reading's Founder and CEO Steve Saunders at the Digital Operations Transformation Summit about the US operator's network evolution, the importance of white box networking and much more.

Michael1066 1/11/2018 | 4:11:11 PM
AT&T Dear Sir,


       This letter is in regard to my AT&T account # 7056511659 7180638 Billing date of November 2017 an AT&T internet charge of $60.00 was added to my bill, I called the AT&T # 1 888 321 2375 for understanding of this charge and was told this additional charge was an error and not to worry it would be corrected in next months bill we paid our usual bill of $61.00.

          The December bill was received on 8 January and included the $60.00 Error as well as a $6.50 late fee Again I called the AT&T number and was told that this was a mistake and this would be corrected at that time. I checked my bill on line and found this had not been corrected I called again was told that was a valid charge for excess internet use of over 50 Gig. And I had 150 Gigs I could use monthly on our account. We had never been charged for overage before and had been away from our home some of the month of October and November.

             I started a chat with AT&T regarding this Subject and a supervisor took over the conversation saying this would all be corrected and a new bill would be posted and to give them 48 Hours to correct this on line. She asked if I would give a good review of the chat person.

              This after noon I pulled up my account to find that all though $6.50 late fee was removed from our bill the additional $60.00 remained.      
DHagar 3/18/2016 | 1:51:02 PM
Re: Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution @Joe, I think your critical assessment is probably very true.  What possibly can build momentum is the awareness (through new terms, etc.) that people do matter and they are a true potential to unlock new value - not just more labor.

If we publicize the benefits of human capital with either new terms, results indicators - including financial that can drive real change, transparency distinguishing company performance, etc., then maybe the appetite for better results will win additional converts who don't already share this vision.
Joe Stanganelli 3/18/2016 | 8:50:44 AM
Re: Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution @DHagar: Well, truth be told, consultant-driven buzzword rebranding achieves some new thought and innovation for maybe about five minutes -- and after that the organization (below the level of senior management) sees it for the shameless Newspeak that it is.
DHagar 3/3/2016 | 5:25:26 PM
Re: Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution @Joe, great point - maybe we do need new terms for identifying the value of investing in the people and developing the human capital - it might cause people to think about it at least!
DHagar 3/3/2016 | 5:20:09 PM
Re: Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution kcumming, I fully agree.  AT&T is putting together the complete picture and truly transforming their environment.

I believe both the platform they have built plus the investment in developing the supporting culture will go a long way to enabling them to remain a leader.

Exciting vision and great to see this commitment.  They deserve to win!
thebulk 2/29/2016 | 6:27:11 AM
Re: Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution @Joe, 

that is a fanstastic word, I wonder what other buzzwords could make coroprate life more interesting......
Joe Stanganelli 2/29/2016 | 12:22:34 AM
Re: Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution "reskill" -- Nice buzzword for training.  Maybe companies will actually invest more in training if we keep calling it that.
kcumming 2/26/2016 | 5:51:38 PM
Excellent overview of ATT technological evolution I enjoyed listening to John's insightful presentation of ATT's approach.  I especially appreciated the comments relating to the human side of the equation - admirable efforts by AT&T to reskill their people.  AT&T's efforts to help people participate in the business in a meaningful way that leverages their strengths will pay dividends in efficiency, retention, culture, morale, and engagement.  

Great strategy without execution is meaningless.  Successful execution without the full engagement of people is impossible.  

Nicely done John Donovan and AT&T!
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