What's Hot in Wireless?

Unstrung readers are a bunch of 802.11-lovin', security-obsessed antenna-heads not much taken with the nascent Chinese 3G standard, according to February's poll (see What’s Hot in Wireless? ).

Last month, we asked you to pick the three hottest investment prospects in the world of wireless networking technology. Unsurprisingly, 63 percent of you selected 802.11 wireless LAN technology as your top money-maker.

Wireless security and wireless VPNs were your next picks, with 44 percent and 30 percent respectively. That's not so surprising, given current concern over wireless network security, or the lack of it (see Public Access BlackSpots? and WLAN: The Four S's).

However, perhaps the most unexpected result (for us, anyway) was that 25 percent of you picked antenna technology as a hot prospect for investors over such perennial favorites as wireless routers, Bluetooth, and alternative 3G technology. This tallies with recent funding activity: Antenna startups Fractus and Etenna Corp. have both scored funding in the last few months (see Funding: Startup Update).

Here's that list in full, poll pickers:

Table 1: Hot Picks
Technology Percentage
802.11x 63%
Wireless Security 44%
Wireless VPNs 30%
Antenna Technology 25%
Wireless Routers 23%
Short-Range Wireless (Bluetooth, Ultrawideband, etc.) 22%
Alternative 3G WAN Equipment (TDD, OFDM, etc.) 12%
EDGE Infrastructure 12%
Software-Defined Radio 11%
802.16 Mobile MAN equipment 11%
Pico and Micro Base Stations 9%
Base-Station Silicon 7%
TD-SCDMA (Chinese 3G) Equipment 5%
Results compiled from the 255 responses to the February poll

As for Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA), a.k.a. the Chinese 3G standard, all we can say is:

Don't fancy yours much!

(To take this month's poll on public wireless LAN services, visit: Who Put the P in PWLAN?)

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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