Metrological Helps Liberty Global Launch Netflix

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands -- Metrological today announced a new method for operators to deploy premium OTT content on set top boxes (STBs). By using cloud-based frameworks and standardized key components, operators can streamline premium OTT integrations and speed up time to market. Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband company in the world, is the first to implement Metrological’s approach for its Netflix rollout.

Metrological defined a hybrid deployment architecture, leveraging an application framework that acts as a device and software agnostic abstraction layer streamlining the engineering and coding requirements for STBs. This approach also yields a smaller STB resource footprint, enabling operators to deploy premium OTT content on legacy devices.

Key aspects that have been addressed include:

  • Simplified player abstraction;
  • Security and provisioning;
  • Code streamlining, reducing the overall footprint and resource consumption; and
  • Lifecycle and application management.

    “Metrological's Application Platform, which is an integral part of Horizon TV, helped us to streamline this particular Netflix deployment and expedite the time to market,” said Doron Hacmon, Chief Product Officer, Liberty Global. “The flexibility of the platform allows us to continue to innovate by integrating new relevant services in a timely fashion.”

    Liberty Global has already launched the Netflix app in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, which will be followed by other countries throughout 2017.


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