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TeliaSonera Plays Games in the Cloud

MUNICH -- Ethernet Europe 2012 -- It's interesting what can be learned from playing video games.

International wholesaler Telia Carrier learned a lot about cloud services from its early experience hosting online gaming sites such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. And one of the conclusions the company reached was that delivery of cloud to the masses will require Carrier Ethernet.

In a keynote address here, Bernd Den Hollander, head of product management-transport services for TIC, which provides wholesale services in Europe and parts of Asia, said the need for cost-effective and scalable bandwidth, low latency for interactive applications and security/privacy concerns all point toward Carrier Ethernet as the backbone service for wholesaling cloud services.

Carrier Ethernet can deliver the performance and scalability of a private network with Class of Service to guarantee latency and end-to-end network control, Hollander said. His company is using Ethernet private line, Ethernet virtual private line and Ethernet LAN services to support different cloud needs.

The TeliaSonera exec agreed with others at Ethernet Europe, however, that new ways of charging will be required to meet the cloud model.

"We need to think about burst-based charging and we think we can help the cloud community define that," Hollander said.

Owning and controlling a fiber backbone network is ultimately a differentiator in the cloud services world because it enables a powerful Ethernet-based portfolio of services.

"We believe that an Ethernet provider needs to have an end-to-end Ethernet coverage, including local access and taking responsibility for CPE, and should have the possibility to open new markets very quickly," Hollander said. "Because cloud users pop up almost everywhere, you need to have a service rolled out very quickly in new markets."

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

Flook 12/5/2012 | 5:36:04 PM
re: TeliaSonera Plays Games in the Cloud

Probably too late now, but I would be most curious to know why TeliaSonera is using multiple Ethernet services (e.g. Ethernet Private Line, Ethern Virtual Private Line and E-LAN). Supporting multiple services is pretty common, just in this case it would be great to know what TIC is using these different services for...

cnwedit 12/5/2012 | 5:36:03 PM
re: TeliaSonera Plays Games in the Cloud

You are right - I should have asked. He provided a little more color than I originally reported but my handwritten notes are now undecipherable.

Net Worthy 12/5/2012 | 5:36:03 PM
re: TeliaSonera Plays Games in the Cloud

"Burst-based charging" sets alarm bells ringing: customers don't like charging models that they cannot understand or predict. If TIC is having problems with bursty traffic affecting other users, then they should use traffic shaping. If the bursts are caused by poorly designed applications then the shaping may cause them to stumble and the application developers will be incentivized to fix their code.

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