Podcast: US moves to block chips, 5G tech from Huawei

Light Reading's Iain Morris and Phil Harvey discuss this latest move by the US government to thwart Huawei, as part of its larger trade war with China. The US government has moved to block Huawei's access, not only to US technology but to any technology made with US expertise.

"What it means is that this affects companies like TSMC, the massive Taiwanese foundry, the biggest one in the world, which supplies chips to loads and loads of firms," said Morris. "It's a huge supplier to Huawei and has got very, very sophisticated manufacturing processes that are quite hard to replace."

Morris and Harvey discuss the implications of that move, the timing of its likely enforcement and they wonder at what point does the Chinese government retaliate against other, unrelated companies and industries as a way of challenging the Trump administration.

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Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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