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Podcast: Huawei's Guilty of Something, Right?

Years of intellectual property theft allegations against Huawei and the imbroglio over alleged violation of US sanctions send a signal to competitors and some partners: Be very careful before trusting these guys.

But is Huawei a willing or, perhaps, unwitting actor in actively undermining US national security? The US government thinks so, but they've done very little to convince the world that that grifting and lying to get a competitive edge amounts to the same thing as working on behalf of China's government to destabilize or destroy the US.

Light Reading's Mitch Wagner joins the podcast to say that the government's rhetoric around Huawei as a national security threat sure would sound more reassuring if they actually presented proof.

Huawei's dominance in 5G around the world is central to the US campaign to demonize the vendor. Related to that, Mitch and I discuss the big 5G letdown. Is 5G going to give us everything we were promised? Perhaps, but not on the timeline you'd expect if you pay attention to the TV commercials pushing 5G during every major sporting event and cop drama.

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Phil Harvey, US Bureau Chief, Light Reading

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