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Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin: Lowering latency in 5G networks

At Light Reading's one-day optical networking event, analyst Sterling Perrin recaps the highlights and discusses how transport networks are evolving to accommodate 5G latency demands.

If you want to skip around and listen, here are a few more things covered in this interview:

  • Why centralizing the radio access network (RAN) makes sense for carriers like USCellular (01:06)
  • The next challenge for operators? Lowering packet latency in fronthaul networks, maybe without using TSN (04:34)
  • Why network operators are looking to use centralized RAN to improve service reliability (06:49)
  • Is there still a price and performance advantage to using white boxes for 5G deployments if all the major networking vendors buy chipsets from Broadcom anyway? (08:29)

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Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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