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JDSU, ClariPhy Do 40G Coherent

MILPITAS, Calif. -- JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) (TSX: JDU) today announced availability of its 8500 series 40 Gigabit per second (40G) coherent (DP-QPSK) transponder for a broad range of high-speed optical networking applications that includes key coherent processing technology from system-on-chip (SoC) supplier ClariPhy.

Coherent optical transmission increases both the reach and capacity of fiber networks, eliminating bulky and expensive optical dispersion compensation equipment while simplifying network management for network operators. This allows network operators to deploy flexible networks that can be scaled to 100G and beyond in a easy and cost effective way.

The JDSU 8500 series transponder integrates a wide range of optical components from JDSU, including an intradyne coherent receiver, tunable laser, and lithium niobate modulator. It also includes the latest mixed signal digital processing (MXSP) system-on-chip technology from ClariPhy. The new transponder increases fiber capacity by a factor of four (versus 10G) while achieving over 3,000 km of reach on uncompensated fiber links.

"ClariPhy's single-chip coherent technology and the team's ability to support a fast paced development enabled us to deliver our 8500 series transponders to customers who have been looking for a cost and power effective upgrade path to 40G coherent transmissions," said Tom Fawcett, vice president of Marketing for transmission modules at JDSU. "We strongly believe that the shipment of this product marks a turning point in the wide scale deployment of 40G coherent transmission."

ClariPhy Communications Inc.

MXSP 12/5/2012 | 5:40:47 PM
re: JDSU, ClariPhy Do 40G Coherent

First generation 100G MSA modules being announced serve an important purpose for trials and experiments but don't lend themselves for volume deployment because of power and cost restrictions associated with DSP LSI and 100G component set maturity.

Meanwhile, 40G coherent modules are delivering all the benefits of 100G coherent in extended reach and simplicity of deployment and leverage 10G component set which are mature and cost effective making them an ideal choice for deployments NOW. 40G coherent is practical alternative for 10G upgrades in LH and Metro applications to deal with traffic explosion quickly and cost effectively. while 100G bragging is on going, several world class operators worldwide have deployed 40G coherent in the past 6 months and many more plan to do the same. JDSUs solution is very important to customers who desire 40G coherent that is cost and power effecient from a world class supplier.

Wide spread deployment of 100G will depend on innovative DSP IC companies like ClariPhy who own and develop all key blocks in the chip to deliver purpose built DSP (or MXSP, mixed signal processing) which will enable multi port 100G per line card offering 8-16X capacity increase over today's solutions that take up 2-3 lots to put one 100G MSA on a line card.

Today's 100G maturity is similar to where 10G was 10 years ago. It wasn't until chip companies with comprehensive ability to develop high speed mixed signal, DSP and coding in low power multi port chips delivered ICs that propelled volume deployment of 10G. History will repeat itself at 100G node.



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