Krish Prabhu Becomes AT&T Labs' New Boss

Krish Prabhu is the new president and CEO of AT&T Labs , the carrier announced Thursday morning. He'll be replacing Keith Cambron, who's retiring after six years at the top.

Prabhu will be based in Dallas.

Why this matters
It matters because we've known Prabhu for years, and it's the most prominent post he's taken since leaving Tellabs Inc. (Nasdaq: TLAB; Frankfurt: BTLA) in 2008. In other words, it's just kind of cool.

Prabhu needs no introduction to Light Reading's longtime readers. He was chief operating officer of Alcatel before the Lucent part came along. In 2001, he became a venture capitalist with Morgenthaler, just in time to ride the worst of the downturn.

He might be best remembered as CEO of Tellabs starting in 2004, presiding over the AFC acquisition, some weak business years and repeated speculation about Tellabs getting acquired.

Prabhu left Tellabs voluntarily, submitting his resignation in late 2007. Most recently, he did a few months as interim CEO of Tekelec .

For more
Here's a pre-HD video of Prabhu from 2005. (Remember "echo boomers?")

Prabhu also appears in this 2005 video, but really, we're sharing it to show off Steve Saunders with longer hair and a tie! (Contrast with the Web 2.0 version.)

And here's a reverse chronological look at Prabhu's career:

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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