Coriant's OFC Outing

Coriant, the new optical equipment company being built by Marlin Equity Partners from a number of strategic acquisitions, strode into OFC/NFOEC Monday morning and announced itself as "a game-changer." It also revealed its logo and an explanation of that piece of corporate artwork. More on that below. The company, whose name was revealed by Light Reading late last month, will comprise the optical division of Nokia Siemens Networks, currently being acquired by Marlin, and the remains of Sycamore Networks, which has already been purchased. (See Sycamore + NSN Optical = Coriant.) The NSN optical purchase is set to close some time during the first half of the year, bringing 1,900 staff and (according to NSN) more than 200 existing customers. Once that deal is complete, Coriant, with current NSN executive Herbert Merz at the helm, can swing into action. (See NSN to Sell Optical Business.) Quite how it's going to change the optical game is another matter, though the company is ready to explain its vision at its OFC/NFOEC stand, where it will position its 100Gbit/s, OTN and other capabilities, with the inevitable "software-defined" element thrown in for good measure. (No one is anyone without a whiff of SDN in Anaheim…) A number of options are available to Coriant as it seeks a prominent position in what has recently been a flat market: Check out some of those options by reading How to Save Nokia Siemens's Optical Business. Now, the logo. Here it is.
And here's the story behind it, as explained on the Coriant website:
    The Coriant logo has been designed to convey the plans for Coriant to be a leading player in the optical networking industry. The "period" at the end of the name stresses the boldness of this statement. At the same time the "period" evokes the image of a pebble or stone that is thrown into a pond, causing the water to ripple. This ripple creates waves that propagate outwards from the source, an effect that changes everything around it, repeating and resonating for an extended period of time. Coriant's semi-circle in the logo is that stylized wave with direction. We feel the logo perfectly represents this image of Coriant's intended impact - initiating waves of change that will impact the industry for years to come.
That's one way to make a splash at OFC, I suppose… — Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

Phil Harvey 3/19/2013 | 11:09:32 AM
re: Coriant's OFC Outing I was thinking of punctuation. In fact, I'm still thinking of punctuation. Period. With ripples in the pond.
Ray Le Maistre 3/19/2013 | 12:51:34 AM
re: Coriant's OFC Outing They'll be looking for metro vendors with some advanced SDN R&D and some nice ripples.
Craig Matsumoto 3/18/2013 | 6:40:23 PM
re: Coriant's OFC Outing About Coriant itself - I'm still curious if they're interested in further consolidating the optical market. They're basically repurposing NSN right now (with some Sycamore on the side). It seems like there would be more to the plan than that.
Craig Matsumoto 3/18/2013 | 6:38:17 PM
re: Coriant's OFC Outing If you stare long enough, it looks like of like a low-riding motorcycle.
brookseven 3/18/2013 | 4:55:04 PM
re: Coriant's OFC Outing C'mon Phil...you were really thinking about a female body part.

Phil Harvey 3/18/2013 | 3:43:56 PM
re: Coriant's OFC Outing I thought it was the eye of a monster, peaking out from behind the words, ready to devour any margins you might get selling against Huawei in a transport market.

Or, yeah, I guess the whole ripple in the pond thing works, too.
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