Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns

Nortel Networks Corp. (NYSE/Toronto: NT) says its chief marketing and strategy officer, Anil Khatod, is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

The announcement comes at a time when Nortel is experiencing large financial losses, layoffs, and a somewhat ill-defined management future. The company is currently searching for a successor to CEO John Roth, who has set his retirement date for April 2002 (see Nortel's Empty Room at the Top). Clarence Chandran, the former Nortel COO who was considered Roth's successor, resigned for health reasons (see Nortel's Chandran Resigns). Also this year, Don Smith, Nortel's former president of Optical Internet Solutions, left to join Mitel Networks (see Don Smith's Mitel Shocker).

Khatod's resignation was announced in an email sent to all Nortel employees Thursday. "Nortel Networks is grateful for Anil's leadership and contributions over the last several years," says David Chamberlin, a Nortel spokesman.

"Anil played a key role in building our optical leadership as well as in setting our marketing strategy. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors. An announcement will be made shortly regarding the leadership of the CM&SO [Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer] organization."

Khatod, who reported directly to Roth hasn't yet made his next move known. Light Reading was unable to reach him for comment.

Since joining Nortel in 1982, Khatod has been president of Nortel's Optical Internet division and its Wireless Internet business. He's also been vice president of Global Internet Solutions.

Khatod was only promoted to his current position in April. His new role put him in charge of Nortel's mergers and acquisitions activities, global marketing, technology strategy, advertising, and corporate communications.

After his promotion Khatod told The Toronto Star that Nortel was better off than its competitors in tight times because of its extensive relationships with service providers. "All the major competitors are struggling far worse than Nortel is," he told the paper.

Khatod's departure comes just days before Nortel announces its second-quarter financial results on July 19. Nortel is expected to announce a quarterly net loss of $19.2 billion on revenues of $4.5 billion (see Nortel's Nuclear Winter), which includes roughly $12 billion in special charges.

- Phil Harvey, Senior Editor, Light Reading
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dodo 12/4/2012 | 8:04:58 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns


Right on man.

"remember MR?".yeah the designer outfit meister!!!!

BTW: Do you know his whereabouts since Jasmine is in the dump these days? May be he will join AK @ a new start-up together with AV ( don't think this 2nd level VP is feeling good these days). And they will need to support each other:)
prefer_to_lurk 12/4/2012 | 8:05:11 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns "Fact: Roth has yet to deliver a positive cash flow under his watch."

Up until the first quarter, Roth and Nortel were delivering strongly positive cash flow from operations.

The "losses" were an accounting artifact related to acquisitions, and aggravated by the fact that Nortel reported under Cdn GAAP.

Even if your "fact" was a fact, it is hardly an endorsement of AK...

Milano 12/4/2012 | 8:05:13 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns Anil was like anyone else: trying to build a power base with his croonies. Seen from Canada, the Atlanta marketing boys got a free ride on the wave of the success of the OC-192, promoting to senior manager, director, etc. anyone willing to relocate there. For those who made that success happen in Ottawa, Montreal and UK and were still paid in C$, that was hard to swallow (remember MR?). Just like Icarus: go Anil, keep on going higher, the engineers will shoot you down to earth when the time has come. And the time finally came.

IGÇÖm quite happy to see G. MumfordGÇÖs name in the list of potential CEOs: he may not be presidential enough and is not likely to get the job, but at least itGÇÖs a return to substance over hot air.

dodo 12/4/2012 | 8:05:15 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns Joe average

don't know whether you are a Nortel employee or not.

Fact: Anil was promoted to the CMO by Chandran after his fiasco as the President -OPtical Internet STRATEGIC MKTG. He was caught sleeping at the switch; "field" execs knew that the customers were hurting financially but neither Anil nor Chandran wanted to listen.

Thinking and hoping that he would be the next CEO, Chandran went in full circle to reposition his croonies in key positions(you should know them if you are an employee ; otherwise sorry but I am not giving full names ):
SS: The big Mktg kahuna for optical Ethernet-someone whose is clueless about the basic 10baseT let alone Gigabit
VY; in charge of Access and two months down the road she closed the whole business (!!!0

People eho have been in HR ( give me a break) as President or VPs of sales/customer service

And on ................

At least JR has some engineering talent though not the necessary business head( or should I say MOUTH) and his main mistake as the CEO was to empower his cabinet during 1999-2000 ( can you blame him- the jury is still out as far as 2001 is concerned)

What does Anil has to prove? I heard the same analysts, who were supposed to give unbiased stock ratings and have been steering investors wrong during the techno-bubble, praised him as the optical ethernet guru ( some employees @ Santa Clara/Billerica and Ottawa must be barfing). As if we do care about their opinions these days.

And now that the bubble has bursted, the rats are jumping ship because they realize that they have to be accountable for their mistakes-past and present since JR is overseeing every single move.

Unfortunately, some do not like to be scrutinized when the ship is sinking unless they are the cheerleaders. This is the downfall of the "celebrity" executives
I see this as a +ve thing not a loss of talent.
joe_average 12/4/2012 | 8:05:19 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns I'm really puzzled by some strange conclusions reached by this message board.

Fact: Anil was just *promoted* a few months ago.

-> Does this sound like he was under pressure to resign?

Fact: Roth has yet to deliver a positive cash flow under his watch.

-> Does this sound like a leader who knows that profit = success? NT is not being run like a real company. If your operating income is continuosly less than your expenses, you will eventually not be in business.

However on this message board all I'm reading is how great Roth is and how he chased off Anil. Looking at the facts, it appears that the real situation is just the opposite.

Does anyone have any *data* to contradict this conclusion?
xnortel 12/4/2012 | 8:05:27 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns No, Anil was fired. In Nortel as in other companies, the statement that "he is leaving to pursuen interests outside the company" is an instantaneous flag that this person was asked to leave. Frankly good riddance. Khatod did not have the presence in public or the experience to hold the CMO position. While he may have had aspirations to replace Roth, the Street would have thrown up all over such a nomination.

Replacements for Roth? The Canadian Mafia will have the last say. My personal guess would be someone from BCE. Maybe Jean Monty would agree to come back. Whoever it is, the only way that Nortel's reputation will be restored will be for Roth's replacement to have a solid business background. Nortel was run into the ground by engineers who did not know how to interpret or build a business plan.
fatchance 12/4/2012 | 8:05:35 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns I understand that NT will change its' name to Northern Electric and merge with LU to re-establish the old Western Electric brand name in a hope that everyone will forget all the silly moves they made trying to take over the world these past few years.
Now if they can only get ATT to join the fold...
Physical_Layer 12/4/2012 | 8:05:37 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns I don't know if anyone caught Mumford's presentation at NFOEC, but I didn't find it very inspring...more fluff than anything.

Is he really a top inside candidate for replacing JR ?
Physical_Layer 12/4/2012 | 8:05:38 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns I don't know if anyone caught Mumford's presentation at NFOEC, but I didn't find it very inspring...more fluff than anything.

Is he really a top inside candidate for replacing JR ?
glex 12/4/2012 | 8:05:38 PM
re: Nortel's Marketing Chief Resigns As for Roth's replacement......

how about Alcatel's Krish Prahbu? Rumor is that he is discontent with the French esp. after the fiasco with the failed merger with Lucent.

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