Nokia donates €1.1M to universities in Finland

ESPOO, Finland – Nokia today announced that it will donate a total of EUR 1.1 million to four Finnish universities to support technology research, education and innovation. The donation will be allocated to Aalto University and the universities of Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere. The impact of Nokia's donation will be further amplified by the Finnish state's campaign to match industry funding for universities.

The four selected universities receiving donations enhance research in areas that are vital to Nokia's business, such as 5G and 6G, edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum technologies. Nokia has a long and extensive history in supporting and collaborating with the educational sector on various levels, e.g. in various large-scale research projects.

Nokia has approximately 6,500 employees in Finland. Between 2018 and 2022, Nokia has hired approximately 2,000 new employees in Finland, many of whom work in highly skilled research and development positions. In 2022 Nokia has hired over 260 new employees in Finland. Nokia annually offers summer internships for approximately 500 young people in Finland.

Read the full press release here.


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