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NetHawk Unveils Solution

OULU, Finland -- NetHawk has released a new comprehensive solution for Rel5 HSDPA and Rel6 HSUPA testing. NetHawk provides a full set of features for monitoring, functional simulation and load testing of HSPA.

The NetHawk M5 multi-analyser enables easy analysis of the Rel5 HSDPA and Rel6 HSUPA simultaneously with other mobile technologies. The NetHawk solution adapts dynamically on different call types at Iub interface and analyses at all channel types (DCH, EDCH, HS-DSCH) carrying user plane traffic. The HSUPA and HSDPA operation can be analysed in detail even in high load situations. NetHawk M5 provides an easy access and decoding capability for the traffic in data channels carried by the new framing protocols. Naturally, all related messages and parameters can be found from control plane stacks as well as application layer carried to/from the mobile station.

As the sessions can be closely monitored in real time as they utilise HSPA services, the NetHawk M5 Call and Session Analysis tool provides a summary of all the traced transactions and full details are available with a mouse-click. The NetHawk M5 Statistics tool provides essential information on the overall performance of the network over the traced period in terms of success/failure rates. The Statistics tool traces the HSPA sessions, counts them, and analyses the success or failure and the reason for the failure. Results are visualised in clear graphics.

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