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Why Saudi's So Hot for New Tech

Light Reading's Steve Saunders reports from Saudi Arabia, a hyper-competitive market desperate to embrace the next generation of communications technologies and services.

linkedin53815 12/25/2015 | 10:32:16 AM
Working in SA... Not so "hot" if not for the temperature Thank you very much for this "sight seeing" of the mobile industry in SA. It's informative, if only for a "big picture" about trends giving some leads. A couple of side-line comments...

At 1:10, we see a nice lady with long hair... That picture wasn't taken in the "public" Saudi Arabia, it must be in one of the expatriate's private (and gated) compounds: a women simply cannot walk around with he hair out like this, even if she's not islamist. I have a couple members of my familly having an office in Riyadh, and when my uncle gets there with his wife, she must wear a black cloak with a hijab, unlless she's within the limits of the expat's compound (note that since she's not an islamist muslim, it's called a "abaya with a scarf", and she must cover her hair with the scarf whenever she's in public areas e.g. mals, souqs, etc.). Also, she cannot walk in any public area without being accompanied by her husband, her sun or their personal car driver, unless it's "out of necessity" (any woman walking alone can be aprehended for that matter of verifying if it's for something "useful" towards her family and husband, like the groceries).

At 4:19, yeah "coal centers" are quite dirty out there... Just kidding, I "luv" your accent don't change it - mine is French thus I guess it must even be more pronouced.

Again, thank you.
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