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Verizon Hunts for Wi-Fi Small Cell Smarts

Verizon Wireless is looking for Wi-Fi talent to help it integrate the wireless Lan technology with LTE, small cells and new 802.11 initiatives, despite its disdain for large-scale public hotspot networks.

Verizon is currently advertising for a "Distinguished Wi-Fi Engineer" in New Jersey to help with its Wi-Fi deployments in large sporting arenas and with future integration between 4G and Wi-Fi.

This would include:

  • Activities to introduce a new network element to support Wi-Fi to LTE offloading and handoff.
  • Planning to migrate the current Wi-Fi implementation to the Hotspot 2.0 architecture.
  • Defining a path to support integration with small cells.

The ad also hints that Verizon might add native support for Wi-Fi calling as it develops its next-generation 802.11 plans. The job calls for the engineer to define best practices for Verizon applications that could support "VoIP (IMS) services over WiFi."

Verizon has not offered Wi-Fi calling as a feature before, although users can, of course, download third-party apps such as Tango to make calls over Wi-Fi.

One thing that subscribers can apparently be sure of, however, is that Verizon will not be following AT&T Inc. down the massive public Wi-Fi route. Verizon CFO Fran Shammo was asked about Wi-Fi during the operator's second-quarter earnings call in July.

"From a Wi-Fi perspective, obviously we always like people to offload when they are in their home in a secured Wi-Fi network," he said. "But ... major massive public Wi-Fi is not interesting for our customers at least in this point in time from a security standpoint."

The operator does run Wi-Fi in a number of stadia to help with offload at major sporting events, though we're wondering if they really need that kind of capacity for Detroit Lions games...

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

Cellco 8/9/2013 | 9:37:58 PM
re: Verizon Hunts for Wi-Fi Small Cell Smarts I think the specs are real, the functionality is maybe there but the configuration specifications are not ready for operations. Thus if the configuration settings (frequency filters) are not tight for both the devices and the "cell" then the hand-offs will be for-ever problematic. I guess it is four month to get it right.
DanJonesLRMobile 8/9/2013 | 6:01:40 PM
re: Verizon Hunts for Wi-Fi Small Cell Smarts I guess these multi-mode small cells for 2014 are an actual real thing then?
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