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Charter's Mobile Service Details Leak

Charter is reportedly gearing up to push out its mobile service, following in the footsteps of rival Comcast with its own Xfinity Mobile service.

Charter Communications Inc. 's Spectrum Mobile will offer WiFi over a customer's home hotspot, or switch to Verizon Wireless 's 4G network outside of their domocile. This is similar to the existing Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) service works. (See Comcast Rings In Xfinity Mobile Nationwide.)

BGR reports that Charter expects to launch the service at the end of June. Unlimited data usage would be priced at $45 a month, or the company will offer a pay-per-gigabit option at $12 a gigabit.

This would put Charter's unlimited data pricing under other unlimited offerings from mobile service providers.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 6/18/2018 | 8:59:37 AM
Re: Visible Mobile It does appear consumer choices are becoming all to numerous, although the consumer probably still can't "win" in the long run, as the providers have the data that allows them to charge and offer choices that will always result in the best profit mix for them while the consumer tries to find affordable services, not alway understanding the fine print in the offers.
DanJones 6/5/2018 | 4:40:24 PM
Re: Visible Mobile Well I guess Spectrum's point is that they can sell existing subs a bundle. (albeit one that makes Verizon money too.)
Clifton K Morris 6/5/2018 | 1:41:45 PM
Visible Mobile At this price, you’d be better off setting up a plan with the company called a “Visible”. They are $40/month, taxes included. To compare, XfinityMobile runs about $53 after taxes and fees, plus it requires a bundled service. VisibileMobile was started by former execs from Verizon and T-Mobile so you know they'll have an excellent rate and beat the competitors pricing. Do a google search on them, you may be surprised what you can save.
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