Trump Tweets on 5G… & 6G

Donald Trump is not short of opinions. The President of the United States turned his attention to emerging cellular technology early Thursday with a couple of Twitter zingers for the domestic tech sector, which roughly translates as "I can only help you so much, so pull your collective fingers out!"

Here are the tweets:

That is all.

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

Sterling Perrin 2/22/2019 | 9:36:13 AM
Re: Bigly ambitions jokes aside, the tweets appear to be the exact opposite of the messages being put out by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Per WSJ today, the State Dept plans to have a team at MWC convincing European operators to ban Huawei. But the White House message here seems to really undermine that effort. 

[email protected] 2/21/2019 | 12:28:06 PM
CTIA weighs in... "We share the President's commitment to leading the world in next-generation 5G wireless. Thanks to the innovation, hard work and investment of America's wireless industry, the first commercial 5G deployments are happening now, in communities across the country.  With the Administration's continued backing, the U.S. wireless industry can bring more robust 5G networks to more communities faster." – CTIA, the wireless industry association


Is the CTIA based in one of those states where certain natural substances are legal?


stownplayer 2/21/2019 | 12:24:02 PM
Maga Glad to see the POTUS is up on the latest tech. He's a true badass and a great president. 
DanJones 2/21/2019 | 10:40:25 AM
Re: Bigly ambitions Looks a lot like the previous situation to his ZTE pardon, just been talking to the Chinese Premier, all that
PaulERainford 2/21/2019 | 10:20:31 AM
Bigly ambitions Has anyone told Carlos Slim that the Mexicans are gonna pay for it all?
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