Podcast: What in the 5G World Happened at CES?

Mike Dano, Light Reading's editorial director of 5G & mobile strategies, joins Phil Harvey for the podcast this week to discuss the big carrier moves at CES 2019.

The annual consumer electronics confab last week featured all kinds of advanced tech for homes and, especially, automobiles. Underpinning it all, though, is 5G, the next generation of the mobile and communications network.

Dano flips through his notebook and offers his updates from the show, assesses each national carrier's progress in the 5G race. We also test just how good-natured a guy he really is by asking questions scientifically engineered to get journalists to complain about trade shows and casinos.

Show notes:
We mentioned a few previous interviews and video segments during the podcast. First up, here's Mike's earlier CES update, as part of our 5G4REAL video series:

Next, we have two different interviews with Sprint Business President Jan "Moneymaker" Geldmacher. The first of the two occurred at CES 2019, the one after that is from BCE 2018:

Finally, here are a few more CES highlights from the Light Reading team:

— Phil Harvey, US News Editor, Light Reading

Raven Black 12/18/2019 | 8:07:22 AM
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