Leading Lights 2019: The Finalists

Here are the finalists in the Most Innovative Telco Cloud Product Strategy (Vendor) category:

  • Altiostar -- Altiostar vRAN solution
  • Casa Systems -- Axyom vBNG Router
  • Cisco Systems -- ACI Anywhere
  • Cisco Systems -- Unified Domain Center
  • DriveNets – Network Cloud
  • Ericsson -- Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure
  • F5 Networks -- F5 NFV Packaged Solutions
  • Kaloom -- Software Defined Fabric
  • Netcracker Technology -- Netcracker Business Cloud
  • Pluribus Networks -- Adaptive Cloud Fabric
  • Red Hat -- Virtual Central Office
  • Volta Networks -- Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine (VEVRE)
  • ZTE -- Mixed deployment of container and virtual machine for telco cloud

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CRW_Cary 4/12/2019 | 3:04:49 PM
Congratulations, Wave2Wave Way to go, Wave2Wave team!
bfreitas 4/12/2019 | 9:15:06 AM
Re: Content of the Proposal Hi Ray,


Thanks for your reply. I understand this, and i think there is value in those articles that you mentioned. Just wonder through the ways in which these guys were selected is intel we can use.


Best Regards!


[email protected] 4/12/2019 | 4:13:01 AM
Re: Content of the Proposal Hi Bruno

Thanks for asking.

Over the next few weeks we will publish articles that highlight the best features of the submissions to show why they were shortlisted, but we don't publish the raw submissions for multiple reasons, one being that a number of them contain supporting information not yet released/confirmed in the public domain but which is provided as part of the submission to make the strongest possible case.

Ray Le Maistre 

bfreitas 4/11/2019 | 11:50:19 AM
Content of the Proposal Are you planning on releasing the contents of the proposals so we should learn from the best competitors what are they doing in the field?


It'll be nice to learn from them.


Thanks. Regards,


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