Juniper's Secret

11:45 AM -- Juniper Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: JNPR) has no M&A strategy.

How do I know? They told me. The routing vendor's Leading Lights entry for Best M&A Strategy contains a gem that definitely sets them apart from other companies in the space:

Juniper doesn’t have an acquisition strategy. It is a tactic to capitalize on our opportunities. Organic innovation is our primary focus... Juniper doesn’t necessarily NEED anything that we don’t currently have. That said, we watch the markets and if there are opportunities in the market to realize the potential our traffic processing strategy we will make acquisitions.

Here's a company that has spent more than $660 million in cash and stock this year alone on acquisitions. Here's a company that we nominated for best M&A strategy for two years in a row for our Leading Lights awards (See LR M&A Strategy Finalists Step Up .) And yet, it has no strategy -- no need for anything it doesn't already possess.

Is Juniper using the same guy who draws the wacky cartoons to do the strategic marketing?

— Phil Harvey, Memorable Proclamations Editor, Light Reading

light-headed 12/5/2012 | 2:52:19 AM
re: Juniper's Secret no strategy and no vision either... that is Juniper in a nutshell.
very_objective_dude 12/5/2012 | 2:52:18 AM
re: Juniper's Secret I am not sure what Kriens is trying to say. It sounds like he is just covering his ass. As far as I am concerned, Kriens is a junior in acquisitions. He is still learning. As such, it is expected that he will be very defensive to hide his learning curve. So far, I think he already blew away Micro Magic, Pacific Broadband, half of Netscreen, half of Juniper West, and half of Juniper East. I think he is a good CEO for a startup and an upstart company where you could flash options. But, Juniper needs a more mature CEO to grow the company properly. This may sound rediculous, but his strategy or tactic to retain talents is "downturn".........
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