John Ryan's Express Derailed

6:00 AM -- The career of John Ryan, former founder of analyst outfit RHK, continues to trace an Orson Welles-style downward trajectory. Only without the dignity.

Word on the street has it that 10th Street Advisors the "boutique" analyst firm spun out of RHK when it was sold to Ovum, is no more. (Tip your 40 oz. malt liquor bottles now, if you please, my telecom homies.)

Ryan and chums Stephanie Boyles and Muayyad Al-Chalabi (the analyst, not the wookie) have now decamped to another delightfully charming boutique, ADVENTIS (no need to shout). Read all about it here.

Weirdly enough, Ryan is still listed as working for 10th Street Advisors, here.

John Ryan entertained the Light Reading staff last year with a series of increasingly vituperative emails directed at our co-founder and all'round nice chap, Peter Heywood, the gist of which was that Light Reading was a worthless company, and no one could possible be interested in anything we published anyway. In an amusing twist Ryan was subsequently ejected like a byotch from a Light Reading conference in Boston (obviously there just for the buffet, right John?) by one of the Light Reading Live fearsome bouncers, much to everyone's yet greater hilarity.

— Red Panda, Boutique Mammal, Light Reading

Lite Rock 12/5/2012 | 4:02:04 AM
re: John Ryan's Express Derailed It is really a shame that folks feel the need to strike out in a vituperative manner. It makes it really hard to take them seriously.

I know the folks at Light Reading would never sink so low...

Those that can't, write about it and those that shouldn't, consult about it. At least with the nature of your journalistic endeavors there is a broader level of scrutiny and connection to reality through your readers.

When you guys suck, the readers won't hold back telling you about it. Where else can you get all this relevant and dynamic industry information along with a healthy dose of sarcasm and entertainment?

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