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AT&T & Telefónica Extend Digital Life to Europe

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- AT&T is extending its Digital Life home automation and security system into Europe with partner Telefónica, as well as adding healthcare additions to the platform.

Telefónica SA (NYSE: TEF) started looking into the home automation and security space a couple of years ago, and signed a contract with AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), which has launched its Digital Life service in multiple US markets, just under nine months ago. (See AT&T Launches Digital Life Service in 15 Markets, AT&T Continues Smart Home Push and AT&T Adds 6 More Digital Life Markets.)

The first Telefónica tests will be in Madrid or London, or a suburb of these cities, Telefónica's global managing director of digital home, Martin Harriman, told Light Reading at an AT&T event Monday evening.

Madrid had been the first choice, but the easier regulatory environment in the UK might win out. "Spanish security regulation is ball-achingly strict," Harriman tells us.

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AT&T, meanwhile, is adding healthcare aspects to its Digital Life platform in 2015.

The intention is to make it simple for families to care for elderly relatives at home, or allow older people to live alone easier.

The updates will include:

  • Motion sensors that can turn on lights when the person being monitored moves around, and can alert caregivers if that person does not get out of bed.

  • Contact sensors that can be used on refrigerators, so that families can tell if an elderly relative has (or hasn't) opened the refrigerator during a certain time period.

  • Water sensors that issue an alert if a tap is left on.

The operator is planning to start testing the new additions in Atlanta and Dallas soon.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

nasimson 6/29/2015 | 9:07:01 AM
Leaving home market to the emerging competition Has AT&T exhausted the US market? I dont think so. The growth from overseas Europe etc. is fine. However leaving home market to the emerging competition is not understandable.
nasimson 6/29/2015 | 8:44:43 AM
Re: THis will be massive in Europe @Ray:

> And it will be outsourced - the elderly daycare model of the future
> will be teams of people monitoring hundreds of people in their homes..

Spot on Ray! Plus it will be off-shore. We will see the *call center agent model* replicated here. It will be *health center agents in India* happily taking care of elderly in Europe and Americas and triggering 911 when their customers can not!

[email protected] 9/9/2014 | 10:18:53 AM
THis will be massive in Europe I can't imagine such services are going to be anything but massive in Europe, where hospital and care home space is limited and the average age of the population in every country is increasing. 

And it will be outsourced - the elderly daycare model of the future will be teams of people monitoring hundreds of people in their homes.... I'm buying coffee bean stocks...
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