Happy Birthday Wolfgang

9:50 AM – Johannes Chrisostomos Wolfgang Gottlieb Mozart is 250 years old today. Some inadequate tributes:

Mozart is the greatest composer of all. Beethoven "created" his music, but the music of Mozart is of such purity and beauty that one feels he merely "found" it – that it has always existed as part of the inner beauty of the universe waiting to be revealed.
— Albert Einstein

Mozart is happiness before it has gotten defined.
— Arthur Miller

In my dreams of Heaven, I always see the great Masters gathered in a huge hall in which they all reside. Only Mozart has his own suite.
— Victor Borge

To hear his music is to feel one has accomplished some good deed.
— Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Do a good deed today.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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