Ultra-Broadband Summit, Hong Kong

HONG KONG -- Ultra-Broadband Summit (UBBS) -- Network operators and other communications service providers from all over the Asia-Pacific region have converged on Hong Kong for the first leg of the Ultra-Broadband Summit (UBBS) World Tour to chat about their broadband, cloud, video and fixed-mobile convergence business models and networking strategies.

Light Reading is on hand to find out who is sharing their views and to capture the event in pictures. Click on the shot below to start our slideshow.

Connecting Asia
Huawei's UBB roadshow comes to Hong Kong, home to some of the highest-speed broadband connections on the planet.
Huawei's UBB roadshow comes to Hong Kong, home to some of the highest-speed broadband connections on the planet.

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iainmorris 4/27/2016 | 11:40:29 PM
Re: ICT 2020 Not yet, but there are more Huawei presentations scheduled. So far there have been some good presentations from the Portuguese telecom reguator, HKT and Current Analysis offering different perspectives on the challenges around ultra-fast broadband. There is quite a lot of buzz around virtual reality and what that means for broadband.
mrobuck 4/27/2016 | 11:27:18 PM
ICT 2020 Iain, did Huawei present its ICT 2020 network architecture framework at this event? That was a big focus at last week's NFV World Congress. Pretty ambitious plan. 
mrobuck 4/27/2016 | 11:21:09 PM
Re: FTTY - not such a gimmick The FTTY slide caught my eye as well. It looks like PON to marinas? 
[email protected] 4/27/2016 | 11:16:59 PM
FTTY - not such a gimmick Fiber-to-the-yacht may sound like a gimmick but there are many places where a deployment like that could deliver a lot of money to service providers - people who own yachts will pay to have fiber taken to their docking points so they don't have to rely on WiFi signals from dry land...

(NOTE - I do not have a yacht... I am not talking from personal experience...)
[email protected] 4/27/2016 | 11:12:16 PM
Video is the driver fro much of this.... It's video all the way as the prime driver for the need for further broadband investments.

Just think about what Facebook live is going to do to 4G.... and WiFi capacity within broadband homes!
[email protected] 4/27/2016 | 11:05:51 PM
How many generations... SO we have 4.5G on the way to 5G and that will start to give us a Gigabit over mobile connections?

Will there also be a 4.75G as we get closer to 5G?
[email protected] 4/27/2016 | 11:03:48 PM
Re: VR demands That's a very interesting stat - seems there are still a lot of different views about what sort of network is neeeded for VR (Isn't it the latency that is more important than the bandwidth?).

But the conclusion above all else is that fiber as close to the end point is going to be needed.... the fiber only as far as the street cabinet probbaly won't cut it....
iainmorris 4/27/2016 | 10:59:37 PM
VR demands HKT reckons VR systems will require bandwidth connections of 586Mbit/s -- about 50 times that needed for full HD TV. And European operators are still questioning the need for fiber-based systems?
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