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Atlanta Shares Smart City Plans for 2017

At the recent Smart Cities Summit in Boston, Light Reading caught up with Torri Martin from the Atlanta Information Management Department to hear about the government's smart city plans. Here, Martin, who is director of SMARTATL, talks about proposals for a municipal fiber build, a new WiFi deployment and smart city funding options that will benefit both businesses and the community. Atlanta is also looking at testing out new vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies. Today is the deadline for submissions in response to several smart city request-for-information (RFI) queries put out by the Atlanta city government.

Michelle 1/1/2017 | 5:42:53 PM
Re: Security.... It's certainly a nice to have feature. Securing these public access points is a concern for sure. I wonder what could be done to secure large scale wifi deployments like that.
danielcawrey 1/1/2017 | 1:23:07 PM
Re: Security.... I think what would be cool is if more cities offer free wifi to citizens. Sure, its a move that will cost money, but I think it could have real economic benefit in some areas. Yes, not all areas would work for this. But I think if it is a city that has rich educational resources and a large amount of internet-savvy people it might be worth it. 
Michelle 12/31/2016 | 10:15:58 PM
Re: Security.... That's the first thing that comes to mind for me too. Data and device security are so very important, especially for municipalities.
KBode 12/26/2016 | 11:23:41 AM
Security.... I just hope that with all the security vulnerabilities that we're seeing that these cities are putting security at the top of their action-item lists. 
Kelsey Ziser 12/22/2016 | 4:54:33 PM
Re: Good Smart of Atlanta to look at examples from Kansas City and Chattanooga as they've made a lot of strides in deploying smart city initiatives. Will be interesting to see how the city's infrastructure improves as Atlanta moves foward with the WiFi deployment Martin described.
Ethan74 12/22/2016 | 11:34:06 AM
Good This seems liek a great option. Atlanta is doing good things recently!
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