Welcome to Broadband World News!

Light Reading's UBB2020 community is coming out in 2018 with a new name: Broadband World News.

As site editor Alison Diana explains in this blog, the name change is partly a reflection of the site's closer ties to Broadband World Forum -- both the organization and the annual event. BBWF and Light Reading are sibling companies inside Informa.

Broadband World News covers the wired broadband world -- fiber and DSL, of course, but also smart-home technologies and access-network virtualization. Alongside Alison's original content and interviews -- check out her Q&A with AT&T's David Ohrn, assistant vice president of hybrid cloud -- the site features blogs written by movers and shakers around the industry

We'll be shifting a good portion of Light Reading's access-network coverage to Broadband World News. In fact, that migration has been underway for a while; you can see it in last year's coverage of Adtran's Mosaic platform or Calix's EXOS initiative.

So, please take a moment to stop by Broadband World News and see Alison's "Hello World" blog.

— Craig Matsumoto, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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