Game Widows Unite!

4:45 PM -- According to your significant other, if you have succumbed to the RPG (role-playing game) craze, you are as good as dead:

    They don't wear black veils. You won't find them shopping for caskets at the local funeral home. And they don't expect you to send them somber flower arrangements or cards expressing your sympathy.

    And yet, they're widows nonetheless.

Somewhere in the distance, a real widow shouts out a whole-hearted "Yeah, RIGHT!"

    Though their spouses and partners haven't gone to the great beyond, these particular widows and widowers say their loved ones have gone someplace that's almost as distant and unreachable. Some have left this world for the "World of Warcraft," others have forsaken this life for "Second Life" and still others have been taken away by "EverQuest," "Final Fantasy XI" and "Dark Age of Camelot."

"Game Widows" Sherry Myrow and Jennifer Newbury have made strides to help other lonesome widows who, too, have been replaced by sexier avatars:

    Angry, frustrated and feeling alone, Myrow started GamerWidow.com — a Web site for "gaming's other half" — in June of 2005 and quickly discovered just how not alone she was...

    Newberry joined the "WoW" Widows Support Group at Yahoo.com in October of 2005 so she could talk to other people who shared her plight. Back then there were 500 members. Two years later, Newberry has taken over as owner of the group that now includes more than 3,000 members.

WoW. This sounds serious. I'm surprised they haven't tried to label it as a disorder...

    Certainly video game addiction has been a much-discussed topic in recent months. This summer, a Reno couple was arrested after they let their two children nearly starve to death while they played a role-playing video game. And in June, the American Medical Association considered a proposal to declare video game addiction a formal psychiatric disorder.

Ah, well, if you're sick... you're sick!

— Red Panda, WoW Divorcee, Light Reading

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