Report: Yahoo Japan Dominates VOIP

LONDON -- Internet service providers are rushing into the voice market, with over 1,000 offering voice-over-IP services today, according to estimates by Point Topic. These service providers share over 5 million subscribers, but the great majority belong to Yahoo Broadband in Japan and a handful of other big players.

"We estimate that one operator, Yahoo Broadband in Japan, accounts for around 80% of worldwide VoIP subscribers," says John Bosnell a Senior Analyst at Point Topic.

"We believe that this early dominance has been helped by traditionally high telephony tariffs in Japan," continues Bosnell, "even taking this into account they (Yahoo Broadband) boast an impressive penetration rate of over 94% of their broadband subscribers."

"We estimate there are now approximately 1000 VoIP providers around the world. Most of these have set up during 2003 or 2004. Many have very few subscribers at the moment," adds Bosnell.

"The trend, during 2004 and early 2005, in VoIP subscriber growth outside Japan, is for broadband service providers to add voice subscribers as part of a double play or triple play offering reducing the importance of the 'pure-play' VoIP providers," concludes Bosnell.

Point Topic has researched a sample of the IP Telephony market to produce a profile for its Broadband Money Makers service. This sample does not include Internet-only services like Skype. It concentrates on telephony services where the customer plugs a telephone into the customer's broadband modem, sometimes called voice over broadband providers.

Table 1: 2Q04 Subscriber Numbers for Six Leading VOIP Operators
Operator Subscriber numbers Date
B2 (Sweden) 50,000 July 2004
Cablevision (USA) 115,050 30 June 2004
FastWeb (Italy) 300,000 September 2004
Free (France) 330,000 30 June 2004
Vonage (USA) 200,000 July 2004
Yahoo Broadband (Japan) 4,038,000 30 June 2004
Total 5,033,050

Point Topic Ltd.

issey 12/5/2012 | 1:00:34 AM
re: Report: Yahoo Japan Dominates VOIP The figures for YBB are very accurate. Point did not have to do any estimations at all. The Information of YBB service is reported clearly each month inside the Softbank Web pages..
rjmcmahon 12/5/2012 | 1:00:32 AM
re: Report: Yahoo Japan Dominates VOIP Does anybody know (or know where one can find) the statistics to give some context to the number of Japan's YahooBB VoIP subscribers? For example, how many wireless subscribers are there and how many landline subscribers? What are the growth rates of each of the voice subscription options? Also, what are the primary reasons the adoption of VoIP in Japan is so much higher than everywhere else? What role(s) did/do the Japanese governments play in their role out of broadband there?

Thanks in advance.
nbsherid 12/5/2012 | 1:00:18 AM
re: Report: Yahoo Japan Dominates VOIP
The original link doesn't exist anymore but this PDF from Nov 2002 (needs Japanese fonts to display properly) summarises it all pretty well:

(1.50 Mb)

Otherwise, check out the investor pages for more recent information:


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