P-Cube Exits Top Ten

Here we go again.

Cisco Systems Inc.'s (Nasdaq: CSCO) acquisition of P-Cube Inc. does more than just validate the market for peer-to-peer traffic management appliances (see Cisco to Acquire P-Cube and Cisco Plucks P-Cube for $200M). It also validates Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies List.

Yes, P-Cube will become the second company from the list to be acquired, since its last major update in May (see P-Cube). P-Cube replaced Telica Inc. in the List's No. 10 spot, after Telica announced in July that it was being acquired by Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LU). (See Lucent Buys Softswitch Vendor Telica and P-Cube Tiptoes Into the Top Ten.)

[Ed. note: After watching two of our No. 10 picks hit liquidity in just a few months, we're aware of the joke potential about how the Top Ten List really works, just not in the way you'd expect. It's very Light Reading, no?]

Anyway, rather than drag another poor company kicking and screaming into the 10 spot, which is obviously charmed, Light Reading's editors have decided to rewrite the whole list and debut a fresh, clean one in mid-September.

Of course, sometimes our picks are off base. Sometimes yours are, too, as reflected in an interactive poll taken when P-Cube entered the Top Ten. Of the 79 poll respondents, 34.2 percent disagreed with the choice of P-Cube and 26.6 percent weren't sure.

Yes, sometimes our favorite armchair quarterbacks fumble the seven-layer dip of prognostication into the lap of telecom shame. But, no matter. We're still depending on you -- our steadfast, trend spotting readers -- to assist in making us aware of privately held telecom companies with remarkable technology that have a better-than-usual chance of getting acquired or going public within the next 12 months.

Please scratch your whiskers in thoughtful contemplation and send your nominations to [email protected], or post them on the message board below for all the world to see.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

green hornet 12/5/2012 | 1:20:35 AM
re: P-Cube Exits Top Ten Save the space for a real top ten pick by removing Movaz from your list! They have lost several VPs (sales, s/w development, HR, technology), many directors (customer service, program mgmt, etc.), sales have declined for two straight quarters, and their CEO lost a sexual harrassment lawsuit (confidential settlement out of court - same thing). Every engineer worth his salt is actively seeking employment elsewhere (myself included).
White Wasp 12/5/2012 | 1:18:30 AM
re: P-Cube Exits Top Ten Here, Here Green Hornet.....

Its good to hear that the engineers have finally figured out that when you lay down with dogs, eventually you are going to get fleas!!!!

They are going to continue to loose valuable employees as long as that lunatic is in charge. When are the board members going to wake up and find a respectable, honest CEO.
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