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Evaluating Nokia's VNFs: Part 2

Light Reading
Prime Reading
Light Reading

Introduction, Executive Summary and Test Highlights
Light Reading commissioned EANTC to verify the functionality and performance of Nokia's virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solutions.

Our tests included the Nokia Virtualized Service Router for virtual Broadband Gateway (VSR-BNG) and virtualized Application Assurance (VSR-AA) network functions.

We validated the performance, scalability and high availability of Nokia's solutions in realistic test scenarios. Our team developed a detailed, reproducible test plan and executed the tests on site at Nokia's labs in Mountain View, Calif.

The VSR-BNG and VSR-AA solutions extend Nokia's portfolio of virtualized network functions based on similar technologies, such as virtualized forwarding path (VFP) and symmetric multi-processing (SMP). These technologies are described in the previously released EANTC VSR-PE test report. (See Validating Nokia's IP Routing & Mobile Gateway VNFs.)

Executive summary
EANTC validated data plane and control plane performance of Nokia VSR-BNG, focusing on high throughput and subscriber scalability.

We also verified the solution's support for multi-system redundancy and measured the service failover time in case of a chassis failure.

We reviewed the provisioning process of the VSR-BNG and its management using the Nokia 5620 SAM (Service Aware Manager).

The Nokia VSR-AA demonstrated high throughput performance with up to 12 million concurrent application traffic flows in a realistic mix.

Test Highlights

  • Up to 31 Mpps (million packets per second) VSR-BNG throughput with 16,000 dual stack IPoE or a mix of 8,000 IPoE with 8,000 PPPoE subscribers; 79.2 Gbit/s (Gigabits per second) throughput with IMIX frames on a single-socket Intel Xeon E5-2699v3 CPU

  • Up to 128,000 single stack OR 64,000 dual stack IPoE subscribers with one egress queue and a policer per subscriber on VSR-BNG

  • VSR-BNG established single stack subscriber sessions at maximum rate of 2,000/s; dual stack subscribers at 800 sessions/s without session synchronization

  • VSR-BNG supported multi-system synchronization and maintained all sessions successfully in all node and link failure scenarios

  • VSR-AA supported up to 12 million concurrent flows and 36 Gbit/s realistic traffic on a single-socket Intel Xeon E5-2699v3 CPU

  • VSR-AA supported up to 290,000 new HTTP flows/s

Table 1: Hardware & Software Under Test

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User Rank: Light Beer
3/22/2016 | 2:54:50 PM
Those network diagrams
Your network diagrams are atrocious. Seriously, they hurt my eyes. Please use a decent icon set.
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