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LR Reader Poll: Nokia's Takeover 'Joke'

12:40 PM -- Lenovo Group Ltd. (Hong Kong: 992) execs apparently had a good laugh this morning when they caught wind of rumors their company wanted to acquire Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK).

"This must be a joke," Gianfranco Lanci, head of Lenovo's operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, told Reuters. "There's nothing ongoing."

Nokia's business isn't just mobile phones. Lenovo would've also been taking on its location and commerce business, as well as Nokia's share of Nokia Networks . And don't forget Nokia's patent portfolio. That's no small takeover.

Given the tall order, is there any company that would be interested in buying Nokia -- all of Nokia -- right now?

I certainly can't think of one. I'm headed to Nokia's Chicago headquarters this afternoon to meet with the big man himself, CEO Stephen Elop. I'll ask for his take on all of this, but in the meantime, we'd like to know what you think.

We've already asked you about what Nokia will be by 2014, and nearly three-fourths of you believe the Finnish company can't remain independent. Now it's worth asking if a potential takeover is even a possibility. Would any company be interested in taking on Nokia and all of its baggage? (See Nokia Poll Update: Farewell Independence? , Nokia Poll: Microsoft Merger Expected and Light Reading Poll: What Will Nokia Be in 2014?)

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— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

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