'100' Questions

1:00 PM – Now that the Pulver 100 is in its fifth year, I have a bunch of stupid questions:

  • How many of the companies on the list count Jeff Pulver as an investor, shareholder, board member, or paid advisor?
  • How many companies on the list allow their employees to wear Hawaiian shirts any day of the week?
  • How is the list assembled? (Note: "It is typed" is not the answer I'm looking for there.)
  • Does Pulver evaluate each company individually? Or does he enlist the help of a young genius who helps him, using a combination of police work and higher mathematics, like on the CBS show NUMB3RS?
  • Is the Pulver 100 picked by VON Magazine, which counts Pulver as its publisher?
  • Will Viacom sue me for saying NUMB3RS?
  • Is the Pulver 100 picked by the staff of The Pulver Report? (Note: The Pulver Report's next issue is set to arrive in June 2005.)
  • Are the Pulver 100 winners notified by calls from a Free World Dialup client?
  • If Jeff Pulver bought a NASCAR event, would he call it The Pulver 100?
  • Did Pulver really just publish a list of hot "IP communications" companies and neglect to put a single hyperlink in the whole bunch?
  • Do I have to go to the Pulver 100 lunch at Spring VON to find this stuff out?
  • Is VON Mexico a conference, or a clandestine hotel alias used by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick?

— Phil Von Trapp, Managing Editor, Light Reading

paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:12:40 PM
re: '100' Questions
A brief analysis of "Where are they now?" of the archived lists.....

My favorite - Telstrat from the 03 list. Its still around, but the future of IP communications? Good lord.

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:12:39 PM
re: '100' Questions re: "Did last year even happen?"

Actually, no. It was like the 1985 season of Dallas -- all a dream.
DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:12:39 PM
re: '100' Questions Odd, too, is that on his site the 2006 list isn't there at all.

Did last year even happen?

Lite Rock 12/5/2012 | 3:12:38 PM
re: '100' Questions Twitter? IsnGÇÖt that what Guys do about mid way through taking a leak?

Looks like Pulver saved all his Hyperlinks for the important stuff, like his Network2 , GÇ£How to watch Internet TV ContestGÇ¥


With entries like this one, I am willing to bet itGÇÖs going to be a cold day in hell before IPTV takes hold. I think we should have a contest to see if anyone actually has the patience to watch the whole video. I know I couldnGÇÖt.


Gave me the Twitters!!

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 3:12:37 PM
re: '100' Questions Twitter...

Wow. Can't believe this organization is on the Pulver 100: http://twitter.net/

At least I guess they are. I don't know.

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