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Your future work buddy.
(Source: Wikipedia)
Your future work buddy.
(Source: Wikipedia)

kq4ym 6/26/2017 | 9:30:28 AM
Re: Job Shifts I'm a bit skeptical that there shall be 800,000 new jobs created in the next four years. Sounds like a bit of PR selling the sizzle and maybe a bit too much on the rosy side. But of course we will all hope for such a rosy future and lots of job creation in the CRM marketplace.
danielcawrey 6/17/2017 | 7:59:08 PM
Re: Job Shifts If Salesforce is able to shift the hum-drum market for CRM into an intelligence tool that increases and organization's sales, that's going to be good for business. 

Good for Salesforce. Good for salespeople. 
Scott_Ferguson 6/16/2017 | 11:12:17 AM
Re: Job Shifts @PhilBritt: An excellent point. I have found the arguments about AI and what it may or may not do to be very schizophrenic. It's either the greatest thing we have produce, or the knife that slits our throats. I think we have to move past the sci-fi aspects of this and really have a debate about what it all means. 
Phil_Britt 6/16/2017 | 10:32:33 AM
Job Shifts The same thing is happening with robotics -- many jobs being replaced in factories, assembly lines, etc., but there's a growing shortage of the workers with the necessary skills to program,fix and install the robots.

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