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SlideshowGoogle & Amazon Heat Up Machine Learning Rivalry

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renu96111 4/2/2020 | 8:54:52 AM
Re: rivalry Minecraft Apk indir and Minecraft Pe APK Free current version : 
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Emma Velson 12/5/2019 | 4:04:01 PM
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priyanka10 8/6/2019 | 6:04:55 AM
Artificial Intelligence I wonder where this technology will take us. When I listen to the best Bluetooth speakers with FM radio India, I think about artificial intelligence and machine learning all the time.
andrewkhinkle 7/2/2019 | 1:03:54 AM
Re: rivalry Google AI has improved a lot these days. It has become smarter.!!
guloz 5/28/2018 | 6:11:31 AM
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Phil_Britt 12/27/2017 | 12:42:15 AM
Re: rivalry You're right that without machine learning it takes a ton of time to go through videos. That's why I hate it when I click on a compelling headline and a video pops up. I can read the information faster. And, if well written, I will get more pertinent detail.
danielcawrey 12/9/2017 | 10:19:45 PM
Re: rivalry Machine learning for video is direly needed. Discovery on streaming video platforms is really quite poor. 

If these services can do what is promised, there's certainly a lot of potential. 
mhhfive 12/6/2017 | 7:29:18 PM
Re: rivalry Haha. Yup. You caught it. I don't have the Force, but I try to make some predictions of the future. Do or do not. There is no try. 
Ariella 12/6/2017 | 1:29:44 PM
Re: rivalry @mhhf1ve Yes, it is. I guessed from your syntax that you were referencing this:


mhhfive 12/6/2017 | 1:24:58 PM
Re: rivalry My prediction for how Machine Learning services will specialize is based on what I think each provider has better training data for. Google has search and related ad data that no one else can touch. Facebook has social relationship data. Amazon has logistical data and consumer ecommerce data. I'm not sure exactly how each set will be used to train machine learning systems, but based on these different data sets -- they're bound to come up with different specialties, even if they target the same areas such as natural language processing. The future is hard to see clearly. Always in motion it is.
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