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To Boldly Go
Dr. Rosie Bolton, University of Cambridge
Dr. Rosie Bolton, University of Cambridge

Mitch Wagner 10/26/2016 | 3:02:47 AM
Fantastic! I loved loved these presentations. So fantastic! Answering the fundamental questions of the universe. 

And it's amazing to consider building a computing architecture today that will still be usable in 50 years. The hardware and software would all be different (obviously) but it would be descended from the work done today, rather than rip-and-replace. 

Imagine someone trying to do that in 1966 with a compute platform that would still be in use, and current, today. 
Mitch Wagner 10/26/2016 | 8:33:40 AM
Re: Fantastic! At this morning's keynote, Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Foundation executive director, pointed out that the Square Kilometer Array is "basically a distributed software-defined telescope." The compute and software are integral parts of the telescope itself.

I'm not actually sure what that means, but it sounds great.

Bolton noted during her presentation that the way radio astronomy historically works is that astronomers book time on the telescope, get their observations, and then receive data on tape (historically) or via ftp. The SKA's integrated compute will enable data to go out much more responsively. 
jbtombes 10/26/2016 | 10:49:28 AM
Re: Fantastic! Fantastique, en effet! I once wrote an article on the optical transport requirements of the Large Hadron Collider, which happens to traddle the Swiss-French border in numerous places, but wonder whether it represents a (really large) corner case or outlier - or whether it stands closer to the trendline of the mainstream compute future.
pmahajan 10/26/2016 | 1:51:10 PM
400 billion years? > The antennas will be used to pick up signals going 400 billion years back in time, to observe the formation of the first stars.

Ah, we've broken the time-space barrier predating the Big Bang. The article does say 400 million years at the beginning.

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