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SlideshowAre Amazon & Salesforce Ditching Oracle?

kq4ym 1/20/2018 | 10:23:38 AM
Re: if It would be interesting to know how social scientists, marketing gurus and others would determine when trash talking might be a legitimate tactic in corporate (or pollitical) discourse. It would seem somebody's thinking it quite all right.
mhhfive 1/9/2018 | 3:18:20 PM
Re: if Trash talking is probably more effective for companies like T-mobile -- where it can gain a reputation as an upstart. Oracle is not in such a position at all.... 
kq4ym 1/9/2018 | 1:02:08 PM
Re: if We may never know if the trash talkin was responsible for any shift away from Oracle or it's just simply a desire to go more with open sourcing. But, it does make folks wonder how much negative talk and attacking others is really helpful in this day of lots of competition and advantages of cooperative working together. 
mhhfive 1/3/2018 | 9:45:15 PM
Re: if Developing alternatives to Oracle, though, seem like a plausible business strategy. Apple is also rumored to be developing alternatives to Intel chips. I believe them -- these companies are large enough to try to hedge their bets and switch suppliers-- or even create their own supply chain from scratch as the case may be.
Joe Stanganelli 1/3/2018 | 12:09:10 PM
if "if a report on The Information is true"

That might be a big "if", considering the inauspicious journalistic start not even worthy of TMZ that that publication got off to in its early days. (link, for example)
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